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Friday, September 24, 2010

There's No Place Like Home (Or Where It Used to Be)

It pains me to say that even my home state of Texas is not immune from the disease that is dumbass-itis. Granted, while they are probably dumbasses from faraway lands, like New Jersey, they are still dumbasses while invading residing in Texas. Here's the deal: the City of Denton had ordered that a house at (fictional address) 10 Main Street be repaired or demolished because of various violations of city codes like unkept lawns and junk cars decorating said unkept lawns. You know, the Fred G. Sanford Yard look. Having given the owner of the property more than adequate notice and warning of what could happen if he failed to comply with city code, the house and yard were never brought up to snuff. The City of Denton then ordered the house to be demolished. The City went through the proper channels and scheduled the demolition of 10 Maine Street. Demolition crews were notified and on the appointed date went to 10 Main Street and began to destroy the house. There was one small problem. The demo guys were given the wrong address! The house that was being torn down was number 11Main Street! Number 10 Main was across the street! Turns out a 69 year old lady who lived at 11 Main had been there for forty-seven years was now homeless. She, fortunately, had a son who lived in nearby Frisco and now lives with him. There is no word as to how the Little Old Lady was compensated for her loss, but I am sure there were plenty of ambulance chasing lawyers who run cheesy ads on TV beating a path to her new door to make sure she's not ripped off. To top it all off, the owner of the house supposed to have been obliterated, had no comment on the turn of events. I  have a comment for you, pal. Are you from New Jersey? Dumbass.

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