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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lady Gaga - Another Celebrity Dumbass

The Next Elton John

The entertainment industry is full of holier-than-thou dumbasses, Sean Penn and Barbra Streisand chief among them. Sean Penn is a self-destructive communist dumbass and Babs is an I'm-better-than-you, peasant, socialist dumbass diva. They are both very good at what they do, but all the talent in the world doesn't and can't cover up the quantity of dumbassery these two idiots come armed with. Sean and Babs, however, represent the old guard communist/socialist assholes of Hollywood. That means that a whole new generation of Hollywood/entertainment industry dumbasses must step up and spread the Liberal crap that millions of adoring dumbass fans await breathlessly to hear from their "betters". Enter Lady Gooey Gooey, er, uh, Lady Gaga, ready and willing to pick up the torch of dumbassery and shine its light on all the evils that infest America. For instance, Lady (is that her first name and her last name is Gaga?) is now the water carrier for the 'Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell" anti-military gasbags who know what's better for the military than all those pesky Generals and Sergeants and such, many of whom have made serving their country a llifetime commitment. That's kinda like me telling Tiger Woods that he's got a hitch in his swing. I mean I have seen golf on TV and I've even played the game several hundred times, so that qualifies me as a PGA Tour player! Who knew? Anyway, Ms. Gaga was recently in Portland, Maine speaking to a bunch of the Liberal dumbasses and ex-servicemen who were kicked out of the Military for openly being gay while in the service. It's her right as an American to speak all the tripe she wants to just about anywhere she wants to do so. Same for the gay guys. I have a few problems with this rally, however. Or more accurately, I have a few problems with what was said at this rally. Lady wants gays to serve in the military and be able to openly express their sexuality. This from, "Lady Gaga railed against what she called the injustice of having goodhearted gay soldiers booted from military service while straight soldiers who harbor hatred toward gays are allowed to fight for their country. She suggested a new policy should target straight soldiers who are "uncomfortable" with gay soldiers in their midst. "Our new law is called 'If you don't like it, go home!'" she said. Sending all the straight soldiers home who back DADT is her solution? Are.You.Kidding.Me.? How can we kill the bad guys if the straight soldiers go home? Are the gay guys supposed to beat Islamic terrorists into submission with their purses? Or hair dryers? This is WAR, dumbass! I have no problem with gays serving in the military, but it seems to me that if DADT was good enough for sixteen years under a Democrat and a Republican President and the main guys in the military think it's a good idea, it's probably a good idea. I defer to them on this matter. I wonder how much military experience Lady Gooey Gooey has? Oh, that's right. None! As for the amount of experience she has at being gay, I don't ask and she don't tell. I can tell you, however, that she has twenty four years experience (she's 24) at being a dumbass. This rally and Lady G's appearance at it was to put pressure on Maine's two Senators to repeal the current policy. I'm almost certain that Sens. Snowe and Collins stay up at night trying to figure out ways to get the Lady Gaga vote. Allow me to be serious for a moment, please. I could give a rat's ass about who has sex with whom, as long as the two individuals (or more in some cases) are of legal age and the boinking is consensual. Any ramifications for that decision are between God and the aforementioned people. However, if it distracts a service member(s) from doing his duty to his country, I have a large problem with what Lady Gong Show proposes. When called upon, men and women in the armed forces are going to be put into some very tedious situations, real life and death stuff where a split second of indecision can make his/her spouse a widow(er). If the military Brass says, don't ask, don't tell, then STFU and be a soldier dammit! That's OK by me. As for Lady Gaga, just shut up and sing. And get a new schtick, it's getting difficult to tell you and Elton John apart. Dumbass.

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