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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dumbass Laws: Part 10 - The Finale

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time once again to play theinternet's favorite weekend laugh-a-thon ....Match the State With the Dumbass Law !!! This is one of the most popular features we do here on Dumbass News, and today ought to be a doozy because the full moon is upon us and we all know that when the moon is full,  dumbasses come out like ants at a family reunion picnic. Brace we go!

Virginia - It's against the law to flip a coin in any eating joint to determine who buys the coffee.
DN - I personally have no problem with this. It's more fun to flip the waitress to see who pays for coffee.

Washington - A woman who sits in man's lap on a train or bus is obligated to put a pillow between herself and the man, or face a jail term of six months.
DN - And if she doesn't put a pillow between herself and the man, she faces nine months of morning sickness and weird cravings. Dumbasses.

West Virginia - In Nicholas County, it is verboten that a minister tell jokes or funny stories from the pulpit during the service.
DN - That's cool with me. I can get straight to my nap that much quicker.

Wisconsin - In order too make cheese in America's Dairyland, you must have a Cheese Maker's License. In order to make Limberger cheese, you must have a Master Cheese Maker's License.
DN - If you nmake Limberger cheese, you'll need a helluva lot more than permit. A good divorce lawyer comes to mind. Juat sayin'.

Wyoming - It's illegal for a woman to stand within five feet of a bar while drinking.
DN - This is a great idea. If a drinking woman falls while standing more than five feet from the bar, she is less likely to spill other people's drinks.

That's it. We have covered dumbass laws in all fifty states of the Union and there have been some real winners. If you'd like to review the other nine posts dealing with dumbass laws, search the archives by using the search box on the home page. And don't fret, I'll be on the lookout for more dumbass laws from all over the world because one can never get enough dumbass.

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