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Friday, November 5, 2010

Dumbasses Ride Again!

Since I am the Head Dumbass around here, there are times when an Executive Dumbass Decision is in order, and today is one of those times. I am bit under the weather, so I Executive Decided to make today's post a "Best of..." (or should that be "Worst of...?) thing. Therefore, I went through the blog archives ( for those of you in San Francisco that means I looked through some old stories...dumbasses) At any rate, I picked out some of the more dumbass posts from the past and will re-post them for your reading pleasure. And by that I mean that you can read these stories and find someone whose life is more screwed up than yours. Kind of a therapeutic deal, ya know? And it's free. if you were to get this treatment from a licensed dumbass like a shrink, you'd be paying $125 per hour. You're welcome.

  • Dear Dead Person... - Since the government ain't much help to you while you're living and breathing, they are more than willing to give you a hand while you are taking a dirt nap! This could be a very lucrative business for the right person. I won't give you any ideas about how it could be a gold mine, but you don't have to be Einstein to figure it out.
  • Dumbass Vampires- Vampires seem to be all the rage these days. I don't understand why that is so, but I do know that anybody who dabbles in such bullshit is a dumbass. 
  • Tattoos Are Forever, Dumbass- I, personally, don't see what the big deal about tattoos is. They're just not my mug of beer, so to speak. I must admit, though, that I have seen some great works of art etched on some people. Then again, there are some dumbasses that carry "body art" to the extreme and the dumbass in our story today is one of those people.
Warning: Too much dumbassery can be harmful to your well being. I just made that up, so you're safe to read about dumbasses all day long if you wanna. By the way, if you've got a dumbass story that you'd like to share with the rest of the world, drop me a line at realdumbassnews AT gmail DOT com. I'd love to hear from you.

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