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Monday, November 8, 2010

F U - A College Story

My Alma Mater***
Wakefield, Massachusetts is a suburb of Boston with a population of about 24,000 good folks and several dumbasses. This should come as no surprise, because Boston is loaded with dumbasses who see something offensive in damn near anything, except for the offensiveness that is certain members of the Kennedy family. But, I digress.

Some dumbasses in Wakefield have gotten their panties in a wad over something that only dumbasses could find offensive. These are the same people who keep voting for Liberals for every elective office in the state and see nothing offensive about that. But then again, they are dumbasses. Enough said. What exactly is it that have these dumbasses all pissed off? A T-shirt. Yes, a T-shirt. Not any ordinary T-shirt, but a Wakefield High School T-shirt. Roll up your pants legs, the dumbass is about to get deep.

Here's the deal: the Wakefield High School track and field team needed some funds to, I assume, defray expenses  for out of town track meets and stuff like that, so the team decided to sell T-shirts so they could make some dough. Sounds innocent enough, right? So why all the fuss? The T-shirts the track team wants to sell have "WTF" printed on them. WTF stands for Wakefield Track and Field. But to the dumbasses protesting the sale of these shirts see WTF as meaning "what the fuck" as in an internet "colloquialism". Using this line of reasoning, what about a similar shirt for Fordham University, good old "FU"? Should Fordham rearrange it's name to appease dumbasses like the ones in Wakefield? The offended (or is that offensive?) dumbasses would have a fucking heart attack at the mere mention of Florida University of Cultural Knowledge" That's right! Good old "FUCK U". But, we are talking Massivetwoshits here, so very little about what they find offensive surprises me. They are Liberals. And dumbasses.

 If you live in the Wakefield, Mass area and see or hear of any of theses dipshits protesting the track team's T-shirts, drop me a line and we'll make sure that their side of the story is heard as well. Even if they are dumbasses. Now, I've got to take a shower and afterwards, put on my "FUCK U" t-shirt and offend somebody in Wakefield, Mass. Dumbasses.

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