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Sunday, November 28, 2010

This Could Get Ugly for a Dumbass Thief

Leon Lives Here and He Needs a Friend
My wife found this story on Aol News. She gave me a thumbnail summary of what it was about and I was ready to find the responsible parties and introduce them to Justice, Texas Style. Tall tree, short rope. Just at the right moment, Heather told me of the ending of the story and the rage inside me turned into unbridled happiness. Here's the deal:

Aidan Sullivan (not the little boy with cancer I wrote about last week) is the nine year old son  of a New York City fireman. This young man was born with an affliction that left part of his face undeveloped, a deformed jaw bone and no right ear. At a recent fundraiser to raise money for surgery that would allow doctors to construct and attach a right ear for Aidan, $8000 was collected for the cause. Happy ending, right? Not only no, but hell no! Some heartless dumbass bastard with the scruples of a buzzard stole the eight grand that was to be used for Aidan's surgery. Now you can see where my anger came from. The useless dumbass slime ball who stole the money, when caught, should be sent to Sing Sing Prison and learn the meaning of "stolen", as in the virginity of his asshole has been stolen by our favorite convict, Leon "Hung Like Horse" Williams. And that's the good thing I wish on this sleazy bastard. I'll keep an eye out for any further developements on this story, so when the time comes, I may reconsider my Texas Justice for the dumbass perp.

This story, despite (or in spite of) the theft of the money, has a very happy ending. A group of wonderful people in a nearby community heard of Aidan's plight and did something about it. They took a check to Aidan and his family that will cover the amount of the pilfered cash and other folks in the area have taken up separate collections to donate to Aidan and his family to further assist in the cost of Aidan's surgery. Here's an excerpt from the Aol news story that has the details of the new donations, "Then on Friday, the day after a Thanksgiving Day story detailed their loss, they received a telephone call from Suffern Police Chief Clarke Osborn, a volunteer with the Vincent Crotty Memorial Foundation, informing them that he, along with Vincent Crotty's father, Peter, would deliver a check to cover the loss." The foundation, based in nearby Rockland, was formed in April after a car crash that killed high school baseball players Vincent Crotty and Christopher Konkowski. "If we could take some of that pain away, then that's what we want to do," Crotty told the Journal News. "I saw no reason why we couldn't reach across the river and lend a hand."

Even the sorry dumbass thief responsible for the theft of Aidan's surgery fund could not deter the kindness of some awesome neighbors who came to the rescue of a child in need. God bless these people. And fuck the dipshit dumbass who took stole from Aidan's medical fund. Aidan has a message to the piece of shit thief,
He warned the crook: "I'm going to kick your butt!". Amen, young brother. I couldn't have said it better myself.

(hat tip to Heather the Wife and  Aol News)


  1. Wow... Kind of awesome! When you find out when aiden gets his surgery, you should do an update.

  2. Thanks, Bobby for the comment. Click on the Aol News link to get more details. I believe the surgery is set for March.

  3. And I shall do an update when I find out more on the story.


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