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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dumbasses Still Label Ethnic Groups, Dumbassery Ensues

I read an article today that took all of five words to actually make me stop reading and check the calendar to see what year and century we are actually living in. Sure enough, the calendar read December 14, 2010, although some people, meaning Liberals, would have you believe otherwise. According to these dumbasses, we are still living in the South in 1930.  (I'll post another piece some day on the treatment Liberals and Yankees give the South. Let me tell you right now, it won't be pretty) I am gonna copy and paste the first two lines of the offending article on AOL news written by some dumb fuck from the Associated Press.

First, the headline. "Black segregation in US drops to lowest in century". I ain't makin' this shit up. Being the skeptic I am, two Dallas-sized red flags came up immediately. One red flag is "Associated Press", a group who long ago gave up any pretense of being an impartial news organization. The other red flag is the headline. You'll have to take my word on this, but I have read no further into the article than that. However, I glanced at it looking for an author's name and I did notice the words "Hispanic", "West" and "South". What it says after that, I have no idea. I instinctively know that the South will be portrayed in a less than complimentary manner and that white guys are to blame. Those may not be the exact words of the story, but I'll bet you a nickel that those points will be made in some "code" words. I am now gonna read the entire piece and I'll get right back to you.

I didn't make it to the end of the story, I just got in a couple of paragraphs before I read on. According the dumbass author of this shit, the numbers used in the writing of the AP story come from the US Census Bureau. Fair enough. The Census Bureau is a great place to get such information. The following paragraph quotes some dumbass from the Brookings Institute, which is not exactly a hot bed of Conservative thinkers. Oh, hell, I'll just say it! It's Liberal Septic Think tank. Here's what the dumbass from the Brookings Institute had to say, "It's taken a Civil Rights movement and several generations to yield noticeable segregation declines for blacks," said William H. Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution who reviewed the census data. "But the still-high levels of black segregation in some areas, coupled with uneven clustering patterns for Hispanics, suggest that the idea of a post-racial America has a way to go." What. The. Fuck? Here are my thoughts on this matter. First, to Mr. Frey, fuck you, asshole! Moving on, I am from Texas. In Texas, I have personally seen black men dating or married to WHITE women! In Texas! We must have run out of hanging trees or I didn't get my KKK membership invitation. Asswipe. One of my best friends back home is a NEGRO! Or is it black man? Or African American? One of my sisiters married a black guy.  My family accepted him as a member of our family, not as some hyphenated tool of a bunch of dumbasses who wanted him to be hyphenated. You tell me? Who are the bigots? My family who accepted this man into our family or Liberals who see a hyphenated man who is the victim of white racists? See what I mean?

I'll tell you what, the Liberals have given people of African descent so damn many race-identifying names, that I don't know which one to use. That's how these dumbass dickweeds (Liberals, not Negroes) operate. Instead of everybody being Americans, Liberals assign some dumbass name with a hyphen on each ethnic group, (except white guys, we are still called white guys but much more derision than in the past) in order to keep folks of different skin colors feeling as if one group might contract some disease by simply being near the other group. They pigeon hole people as this or that effectively dividing us into imaginary groups, instead of trying to unite us as one people - Americans.

I'm going to rebut every single minute point in the article. That would take all night. The main gist of the thing is that whites, blacks and Hispanics tend to live in an area where their neighbors look like them. That's a shocker, ain't it?  We have about 12 million illegal immigrants in this country. Knowing that, let me ask you this. If you were to enter the US and had no working knowledge of the language, little idea of how our society operates from day to day and you don't have documents that show you to be here legally, where would you move to? YES! You'd move to a place where people looked like you and spoke your native language. These people have little choice in the matter. As for citizens of this country, millions of neighborhoods in all sections of the US are populated with persons of all backgrounds and ethnicity. Just take a ride around your town and find out for yourself. Everybody in the United States of America has an equal shot at success and a comfortable lifestyle and brighter future for their kids. I'm not saying that bigotry doesn't exist, it clearly does, but it's nowhere near as widespread as Liberals and other leftist dumbasses would have you believe. I'm saying that if someone has the strength of character and the will to succeed, anyone can do it, despite the roadblocks laid out in front of them. It may be a bumpy ride along the way, but like my Mama said, "sometimes life is that way". That's what's known as the Promise of America. And the Promise of America is blind to skin color.

Not until people like the dumbass that wrote the article for the AP and race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton finally fade off into the sunset or by some miracle, see the error in their dumbass ways, will this country ever see the end of bigotry. Dumbasses.

If you want to, you can read this bullshit in its totality here. If you've eaten recently, let your food digest if you don't want to taste it twice. Just sayin'.

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