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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

God Has a Great Sense of Humor

A little over a week ago, I wrote about a story similar on one of my other blogs, Because Toby Said So. It reaffirms my Faith in God every time I see a story where the dumbass gets pranked by the Almighty. Especially during the Christmas season.

Elyria, Ohio is a nice city in the northeastern part of the state. Elyria is home to 55,000 good people and a few dumbasses who just can't leave well enough alone. For instance, Noel and Pam Cash went to break bread with some friends after church one Sunday. They finished their luncheon fellowship and they all headed for their cars for the trip home. Well...Noel and Pam got to their SUV and lo and behold! the rear window had been smashed out and some of their stuff was taken. Enter God. Bypassing the GPS and Pam's purse, the dumbass took some shopping bags from the back of the SUV. Guess what was in the shopping bags? Wait. For. It. Bibles, Sunday School lessons and material used for Holy Communion! God - 1 Dumbass - 0 bwahahahahahahaha  When the ole Heavenly Father gives you the Bronx Cheer from on high, it's time to take notice of your misdeeds, repent them and perhaps have a nice sinner to Creator of the Universe talk with Him.

Merry Christmas. Dumbass.

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