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Monday, December 6, 2010

The People of California Win, Dumbass Judge Loses

Score One for Justice
You might want to be seated when you read what I am about to write. It's something I thought I'd never, ever put out there to remain in the ether forever and ever, amen. Let me take a deep breath...OK, here goes...I actually agree with a ruling by a California court! I waited a couple of minutes to type this sentence while you regained consciousness. There. I said it. Pigs will now fly and Barack Obama will give up golf to concentrate on that pesky Presidency thing. Well, at least pigs will fly. But I digress.

A parent in Albany, California  sued the local school district for failing to meet state standards regarding Phys Ed. A judge, Your Honor the Dumbass, in Sacremento sided with the school district dumbasses saying, " the state's physical education rule was advisory and not a requirement,(even though the California Department Education said it was a requirement - ed.). In addition, the original ruling found that a private party, such as a parent, had no standing to enforce the law." What the fuck???!!! A citizen of the state of California "had no standing to enforce the law"? Then who the hell does have standing to enforce the law? Some dumbass judge with the bully pulpit and an agenda maybe? Dumbass. All this time I thought that elected school board members and dumbass judges were in their positions to serve the public! I guess I've been wrong for that last 50 years.

The parent appealed the decision to the California Court of Appeals where they voted unanimously (3-0)  saying the parent does have the right to enforce the law in this case. When I saw that, I almost had The Big One. Not one. Not two. But three judges on the same panel agreed with a concerned parent over a dumbass judge without a clue. Fucking moron. It's good to see that the appeals court had the good sense to actually, you know, enforce the law as it was written. The dipshit judge in Sacramento got smacked down like the weenie he is and it serves him right. Dumbass.

You can read the whole story here, if you want to, as I gave you the thumbnail version of the story. The bottom line is that, in this case, the people of California won and activist dumbass judges have been put on notice to enforce the law, not legislate the law from the bench.

The People of California - 1  Dumbass Judge - 0. bwahahahahahahaha

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