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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Randy, Evi and Dumbass Dumbass Doctors

When it comes to dumbasses, there are the kinds of dumbasses that just do stupid shit on a regular basis that's generally not harmful to anyone but their dumbass selves and then there are Dumbasses of the Highest Magnitude who do stupid shit on a regular basis that is on a scale of immense proportions. In the later category, other people get hurt, whether it's a physical hurt or a hurt of some other kind, like a monetary hurt caused by a Dumbass of the Highest Order.

Randy Quaid and his wife, Evi, are Dumbasses of the Highest Order, Level 2. These two assholes have cut a wide swath of dumbass all over North America. I'm sure you've heard the stories of how the Quaids have run up hotel bills into the thousands of dollars and seeing no reason why they should pay for their hotel bills, have just up and left! I can't remember all the details but they recently got busted in Texas for this kind of thing and went on the lam! Again. these two people are into some serious dumbass territory here. Long story short, somehow they ended up in Canada, running from fraud and felony vandalism, and now they are petitioning the Canadian government for asylum! I shit you not.

Following is a paragraph from the story on that will make you do a face palm, laugh out loud or both. It's truly bizzare : "He and wife Evi fancy themselves being hunted by a gang of murderous celebrity stalkers they call the "Star Whackers" -- who they blame for the deaths of everyone from Heath Ledger to Michael Jackson. They swear that they're fairly high up on the hit list and that the killers are shrewd and calculating enough to make the murders look like accidents or suicides. As a result, they're on the run. In Canada, no less, where they're seeking asylum after arrests for fraud and felony vandalism in the United States. They even claim to have caught the "Whackers" while they were in the middle of practicing to kill them. Evi says their deaths will be made to look like a double suicide."Who knew that when Randy played Cousin Eddie in those dumbass "Vacation" films, he was drawing on personal experience?!

There's a new dumbass twist to this whole situation. Mental Health "experts" have now chimed in! Oh, goody. I hate to copy and paste so much from popeater's post,but there's no way in hell, I could make it sound any weirder than it already is.
The rest of the article, "Mental health experts say the couple may be suffering from a psychological condition known as "folie a deux" -- a French term meaning literally "the madness of two." The syndrome is a delusional state shared by two people who bolster each other's twisted take on the world.
"It applies in that they are a pair and they reinforce each other's bizarre hold on reality," Stuart Fischoff, a senior editor of the Journal of Media Psychology and an expert in celebrity psychology, tells PopEater. "So long as you stay with each other and you stay insular, it's a siege mentality. You're not open to contradictions from the outside world."

University of Pennsylvania psychiatrist Dr. Christos Ballas says the disorder only becomes apparent when one off-kilter person gets involved with another -- and then everything spirals downward.

"Independently, people with folie a deux might not be delusional, but because they have another person to reinforce it, it becomes quasi-real," Ballas tells PopEater. "Finally, he met the right person who shared his proclivity for wackiness, and off they went."

A pair with folie a deux often have little interaction with others and are hopelessly dependent on each other. In this case, the Quaids seem to have convinced themselves that their paranoid delusions are real.

"When you have no one else, it gets increasingly bizarre," says Fischoff. "They're reinforcing each other's paranoia. And there's a polarization of perspective: It becomes more and more extreme. They live in an increasingly fantastical world."

Among the possible causes, he says, are extreme stress and heavy drug use.

"It can be from substance abuse," Fischoff explains. "It could be that his career was on a slide and that could be an increasingly traumatic situation for him: 'Why am I not getting a job? People are against me.' All that could begin to feed on itself. There was something going on in their lives that was a destabilizing influence."

There's also always the chance that the whole thing could be an elaborate ruse. But Ballas believes that's highly unlikely.

"If they are faking it, they're going through a very real way of doing it," he says.

There you have it. Dumbass doctors trying to diagnose Dumbasses of the Highest Order, Level 2, from a distance. It makes one wonder, just who are the biggest dumbasses in this story? I'll leave that for you to decide.

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  1. This reminds me of a derogatory term I heard a lot back in the day, 'shit for brains'. Seems to fit like glove in this case


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