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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Dumbasses in Washington State Are Getting Younger

Ever heard of one of these, dumbass?
Is 15 years old too young to be a dumbass? Not on this blog it ain't. At 15, young people have accrued enough life experience to know right from wrong in most situations. Now, doing the right thing is an entirely different matter. A 15 year old in Port Orchard, Washington recently found herself in a situation in which she knew the right thing to do, but acted the dumbass instead. Let me 'splain.

The girl was walking to school and found herself running late. Nothing out of line there. But!, for some unknown reason, she called the Police and told them about having been attacked by a stranger. Problem is, the story was a lie. The girl went on to tell the cops that she was accosted , a sheet put around her head and her attacker dragged her into some nearby bushes. She also told the heat that she escaped by slipping out of her backpack. So young to be a dumbass.

The cops searched the area, found no evidence that anything like the girl described had happened. Their suspicions were confirmed when they further questioned the little dumbass and she admitted that she made the whole thing up. She even had a dandy reason for pulling such a dumbass stunt. She was running late for school. See why I have no qualms about calling this young lady a dumbass? You don't? Maybe this will sway your opinion. By filing this false report, the 15 year old dumbass tied up the services of eighteen police officers, some on overtime, and caused nearby schools to go on lockdown! See? She's a dumbass. Except now she's a dumbass in Juvenile Detention. Amen.

Now if somebody would just buy this kid an alarm clock so she won't be late to school. Or better yet, how about her parents taking some sort of action to make sure she gets to school on time, not to mention take some sort of responsibility for the kid's actions due to an apparent lack of supervision? Dumbasses.

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