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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Little D is Run By the Big D A's

A Once Proud City is in Shambles
Detroit. Motown. Motor City. Dumbass-ville. This is one of the most crime-ridden cities in America, with an unemployment rate of about 82% (that's a slight exaggeration) , infrastructure crumbling all around the place, some of the crookedest bastards in the world holding elective office (Marsha Conyers the former big politico is in the slammer as we speak for corruption as is the former Mayor), the automobile industry is going to hell as the UAW runs General Motors now and the United States Gubmint, under the steady hand of President Obama (you can stop laughing now) keeps pumping billions upon billions of your tax dollars to keep the same crooked bastards running Detroit in power and the corrupt bastards who stay in power screw the average citizen in Detroit like a fucking Black and Decker power drill.

Then today I learned that the city sent out incorrect property tax bills, not once but twice! Twice the dumbasses! The City sent out incorrect property tax bills to 60,000 homeowners and none at all to thousands more homeowners. Throwing a little more gas on the fire, another 58,000 tax statements were sent out in November. Those statements underestimated the amount of property tax due the City of Detroit. Knowing all this, there is absolutely no underestimating the depth of dumbass in the dipshits runnimng the city. The Detroit Free Press said it had received over 2000 phone calls from pissed off people who paid the tax amount stated on the November statements, only to find out later that they still owed taxes! "We whine that we're broke, but we can't get the tax bills correct?" ombudsman Durene Brown asked. "What's wrong with this picture? People could lose their homes over this."The rest of the article from UPI reads thusly, The deadline to pay city taxes is Wednesday, but thousands of residents still have received no bill, Brown said. "In all of the years I've lived in Detroit, this is the first time I didn't get a bill," said Mark Janusch, 63. "You'd think the city, with all of its financial problems, would jump at the chance to collect property taxes."  Don't worry, Mr. Janusch, the stupid fucks running Detroit will make up for their screw ups by raising taxes on everyone to offset the discrepancy. That's how liberals do business. Dumbasses.

And the fuckers of mothers in power will be stand by with a stop watch to repo your house if you are a little late in paying your property taxes. The citizens of Detroit should keep throwing the dumbasses out office until they get the city government they are entitled to. A once proud city is a mere shell of it's former self thanks to their elected represenatives and their cronies. Grow a pair, Detroit! Those sons of motherless goats work for you, not you for them! So fuck them. Dumbasses.

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