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Friday, February 25, 2011

Dumbass Snake Lady on Boston Subway - Story Updated!

A couple weeks ago, February 13 to be exact, I posted a story about some dumbass chick who took her python onto the Boston Subway and lost it! The bimbo was charged with carrying a snake big enough to eat a poodle on the subway. The Wheels of Justice turned pretty quickly in this case. So quickly in fact, that the dumbass bimbo has been given her sentence.

Melissa Moorhouse, the dumbass in question, was ordered to pay a $650 fine which is about what it cost taxpayers to clean out the train car the snake was lost in. What a dipshit judge that decided this case, or more precisely, the sentence. In my earlier post on this, I wrote "There were subway system employees looking high and low for the snake but to no avail. At this point, the transit people had no choice but to take the train out of service." I have a question. How long was the train car the snake was lost on out of service? A day? Two days? I think the dumbfuck judge should have fined the dumbass snake lady the equivalent of a day's (two days, depending on the amount of time the train was out of service) average fare total. But, we're talking Massivetwoshits here and a punishment in tune with offense would probably hurt the dumbass snake lady's feelings or some such Liberal crap. I mean come on. The dumbass carried a live snake onto the damn subway! What about the other passengers, if any, who may have suffered some kind of trauma from this? They have delicate feelings, too! Doesn't that count for something? Those are only rhetorical questions, but I still wonder when the first lawsuit will be filed. I hear that former Senator John Edwards, D-Ambulance Chaser, needs a gig. Dumbass.

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