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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ed Takes a Walk and Then Becomes a Prison Bitch 30 Years Later

Famous Old Man Prison Bitch
Some of the most frequent targets of this blog are Dumbass Criminals and today is no exception. Today's dumbass had it made until he peed in public. Edward Nathan, Jr had been on the lam since 1983 (!), seemingly a free man after he walked off a work detail in Florida almost thirty years ago.

Ed was convicted of armed robbery and was serving part of his sentence in a Tampa work release center when one day he just walked away. recently, he was picked up by Georgia Police when a cop in Atlanta saw Ed pissin' in public. I understand that when Nature calls, you have little choice in the matter, Ed, but ain't there public toilets or maybe even a big tree to hide behind down in Georgia? Taking a leak in public has got to be one of the stupidest reasons in the history of man to get busted for. Especially if you are running from the law! I am thankful for Ed and guys like him, they keep this blog in business, but c'mon, man! You dumbass!

As I mentioned earlier, Ed was serving 5 years for armed robbery when he took a walk from the work release program and disappeared into the Florida sun in 1983. If he was on a work release deal, wouldn't that mean that he was fairly close to completing his sentence? Another question. if escaping prison was Ed's wish back then, why would he stay in Georgia, which the last time I looked shared a common border with Florida? Why not haul ass to California or some shit, Ed? You know, mix in with the other 35 million or so folks out there. Oh, yeah, Ed is a dumbass! My bad.

So now Ed is 50 years old and will certainly be in prison for much longer than his original 5 year sentence. He could have paid his debt to society, been under 30 years old and led a long productive life. Now he'll lead a long life as an old prison bitch to this blog's adopted felon, Leon "Hung Like a Horse" Williams. Have a nice stay, Ed. And give our regards to Leon! Dumbass.

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