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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Facebook, It's Not Only a Social Netwotk

Pissed Off Camels Not Named Fatima
Allah is gonna be pissed when he finds this out. First, a little background. You are surely familiar with the recent civil strife going on in Egypt, right? OK, good. Facebook, as much as we may curse it from time to time, played an important role in getting out information that was otherwise censored by the government. Facebook was an invaluable tool during this whole Egypt thing.

Proving that dumbass knows no boundries, a guy in Egypt recently became the father of a newborn daughter. As you know, picking out names for babies can be a real pain in the ass for many people, but not our first Egyptian dumbass! With all the cool Arabic names for baby girls, like Fatima for example, this dumbass went and named his new baby girl 'Facebook". I. Shit. You. Not. The child's full name is Facebook Jamal Ibrahi. That ought to go over well with the local Imam. I don't give a damn what the guy names his baby, he could have named her Clyde for all I care, but Facebook? We could be entering into trademark infringement territory here, not to mention all the jealous camels in Egypt with names like Ralph and Frank. Nary a camel named Fatima. It's obvious to me that our dumbass is a bigot towards Western sounding names. Next thing you know all camels will get names that will inspire more hatred towards the Western World. Just think of the repercusions that will ensue as a result of this wreckless camel-naming. What will happen if guys like our dumbass starts naming camels Sandcretariat, Sand of War or George Strait? The mind boggles at the thought. I personally will be on the lookout for camel suicide bombers or lonely terrorists who smell like camel sex. I'm just sayin'.

But, I digress. Back to baby Facebook. It was a dumbass idea from a dumbass Egyptian with a now lonely herd of camels named Frank, Clyde or George Strait. And maybe one "special" lady camel named Michelle. Dumbass.

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