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Friday, February 18, 2011

Find Out Why Tire Thief Gets Busted! Bwahahahahaha

The thieves in California keep getting to be even bigger dumbasses than they already are. Example: Jeff Yancey of Rancho Cucmonga. Our man Jeff here needed some new tires. he needed some new tires so bad, that he stole some from a tire dealer in Temecula. being a dumbass and all, Jeff used his van to place the stoen tires in a he made his escape. it just so happens that the tire guy that Jeff stole the tires from has video surveillance at his business. A quick perusal of the video camera showed a van pull up and a guy loading tires into it. It was Jeff's van. How do we know it was Jeff's van? It had his business name and cell phone number painted on the side of it! With this information in hand, it didn't take long for the Police to show up at Jeff's house and throw his sorry dumb ass in jail. they found Jeff when they got the phone number off the side of his van, called him up pretending to buy some tires. Oh, sweet irony. Dumbass.

I know you'll find this next bit of info hard to believe, but Jeff had a prior criminal record! Yes, I'm afarid it's true that Jeff is a dumbass with several previoius convictions for being a dumbass on his resume. With such a lengthy record, I'm sure good ole Jeff is headed for the Big House for a few years' R & R, where his new residence will be in Cell Block D, for dumbass.

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