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Friday, February 4, 2011

From High School to Prison - A Career Path!

Fun Group Activities!
Like any parent of a school aged child, there are times when it's necessary to pick up your kid early from school. Doctor's appointments immediately come to mind as a good reason to do so. A dumbass lady in Lilburn, Georgia recently picked up her seventeen year old son and some of his buddies early from school so they could have a little "together time". By "together time", I mean time together to rob a bank. Yes, friends, the dumbass broad got her kid and some of his amigos out of school early so they could commit a Federal crime. And here I was feeling a bit guilty for checking Issy out of class early to go to the eye doctor. Now, I can plan eye doctor appointments around the fun things in life for a Dad and his little girl. Things like stealing an ATM from a local merchant. Or knocking over a convenience store. Issy will be so happy that we can do these things together! She'll be the envy of the second grade!

I hope you know I am only kidding about teaching my little girl about a life of crime. I just can't fathom what the dumbass Mom the Bank Robber was thinking when she took her son and his friends to rob a bank. Was it a take your kid to work day? The kids the dumbass took with her to rob the bank are high school kids. Did they not know that they would be in deep shit if they robbed a bank? Oh, yeah, I forgot that dumbass begets dumbass. It's in Darwin's Theory of Evolution or something.

This group of dumbasses got arrested post haste and now they'll all be fresh meat in the Georgia prison system where I'm sure they'll all learn about fun group activities like "Drop the Soap, Get a Surprise" or "My Salami, Your Buns". Dumbasses.

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