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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh, Boy! Texts Reveal Many Dumbasses in our Midst!

Use the Damn Phone!
Cell phones. Love 'em or hate 'em, they are here to stay. Sure they can ring at the most inopportune time when you forget to shut them off or set them for "vibrate', but they are extremely useful gizmos in case of an emrgency or if your on the way home and the wife calls and asks you to stop by the local grocery store and pick up a loaf of bread. Cell phones can be extremely useful in solving crimes also. Just a couple of days ago we posted this story about a dumbass burglar whose cell phone lead to his eventual arrest. Even the good guys get busted via evidence on their cell phones. "Good guys" like this former District Attorney that was "sexting" a woman who was the victim of a sexual assault and he was prosecuting the case. That's a big no-no. That's why his title is now former D.A.

Texting is "the next big thing" and has been for a while. I really don't get the whole texting craze is all about. I mean if you've got something to tell somebody why don't you call them?! It's a cell PHONE, for Pete's sake! Dumbasses.

My whole rant above was about texting. There's a website that lists texts submitted by readers and posts them on their web site, Texts from Last Night. The texts on the site are sometimes laugh out lous funny. many are made up, I'm sure, but they are still flat funny. Let me give you a Content Warning: Many of these texts are NSFW! Here's a couple of examples from the front page.

Sample texts from Texts from Last Night :

I seriously just found a rose petal in my vagina.

Just stuffed an entire cupcake in my mouth after finishing third glass of wine. Valentines day is pretty much going how i expected it.

I am not making this shit up. These are actual texts from the commenters at Texts From Last Night. I am obligated to warn you again, that some of the stuff you'll see at TFLN is NSFW and just plain old nasty. Go ahead and click on over and see that dumbasses abound in our great country. It's a helluva deal. Dumbasses.

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