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Monday, February 14, 2011

Personal and Not Pretty: Read at Your Own Risk!

Have a Nice Day, Asswhistle
This post is very personal, as it relates to a close family member. The incident that I'm writing about hits home with me, so I have made this post personal. It's not a pretty sight, even though I edited some very 'straight forward' commentary. If you are sensitive to adult language and unpleasant family drama, then you DO NOT want to read this. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! You can begin reading in 5...4...3...2...1...LAST CHANCE TO BAIL...TooLate...

 Today's Dumbass of the Day is someone I know and who shall remain nameless. For the purpose anonymity I am gonna call this man Frank. For the record, I do not know anybody named Frank, so if that's your name, this ain't about you. But, our imaginary Frank is a dumbass.

Background: Frank is a father and a grand father with grand kids from a blood daughter and a step son. The kids from the step son and one of the daughter's kids are treated like royalty. The other grand kid is treated like an outsider even though he's from the same Mom as his sister. Those are the grand children that we'll be talking about today.

Grandpa Dumbass has treated the oldest grand child like a queen since she was born and the other grand child as if he had the fucking herpes. I ain't happy about this. This sorry bastard thinks that because the youngest grand child has his father's name, that he (the kid) is not part of the Grandpa's family. Well, Grandpa, let me tell you something, Hoss. Fuck you and the moose you rode in on. You have insulted the family of the boy beyond anything you could do to make the situation right. I can guarantee you, dumbass, that you will never see either of these grand children again. You made your bed, now fucking deal with, dickweed. You had your chance to be a Grandpa, but you threw that away like a drunk throws away money on liquor. You lose, Pal. Furthermore, I have no sympathy at all for you. N.O.N.E. You have been given one chance after the other to make things right, but you blew it like Linda Lovelace blew a cock. Did I mention fuck you? Fuck you, Frank, just to be sure.

To treat a child the way you have treated your grand child is beyond despicable, it is sickening. You can rest assured, dumbfuck, that one day you'll be begging to see your grand son again. It ain't happening. So, dream on, asswipe. And just to be clear...FUCK YOU! Have a nice day. Dumbass.

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