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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Smoking Nazis are in NYC!

Old Lady Smoking a Wolf Turd
The Smoking Nazi's are alive and well in New York City. Just ask Harry Lysons. Harry lives in an apartment building in NYC. That means Harry has neighbors - neighbors that are dumbasses. Good ole Harry just wanted to do something that millions of men and women do every day, and that is to smoke a good cigar from time to time. This is where the Smoking Nazis come in. Here's a snippet of the story from UPI and The New York Post, "A New York man settled a lawsuit by agreeing to pay $2,000 to his neighbors if he is caught smoking a cigar inside his apartment in the future. The $2 million lawsuit, filed in city Supreme Court by Russell and Amanda Poses, claimed next door neighbor Harry Lysons was stinking up their apartment by smoking cigars inside his domicile, the New York Post reported Thursday." What. The. Fuck. The story by the Post and UPI doesn't say anything about possible rules in Harry's lease that prohibit him from having a good stogie in his own apartment. If there is a clause in Harry's lease, then he should be held accountable for his actions.

It's his dumbass neighbors that piss me off. Here's a doozy for you "The Poses family said the smoke was causing health problems for their children, ages 3 and 6." Let me get this straight. harry has a smoke in his own apartment and somehow his sinful actions have caused health problems for the children of his neighbors? A few thoughts here. If indeed the cigar smoke finds it way to the neighbors' apartment (cigar smoke is known to do that. It's evil and vile and hunts down children so they'll suffer health problems and worse yet, makes the kids nicotine addicts! Big Tobacco wins thanks to Harry! Evil bastard) the apartments are cheap ass ghetto fuckers with walls made of notebook paper. To the neighbors I say, "Move! You dumbasses!" What a bunch of pussies. Here's another thought. I have had neighbors that smoked enough dope to fog in the DFW Airport, and I can honestly say, that I nor any of my family members, kids included, ever, not even one time become smokers of the weed, because the neighbors partook. NEVER! And we never even got the munchies becuase the neighbors sparked up a fattie. So I am calling bullshit on this. Harry's a dumbass for caving in and the Poses are just a bunch of garden variety Liberals who have to have something to cry about or their life isn't worth living. Pussies.

I always yhought NYC was the Big Apple, but the more I read crap like this and see what that Commie Mayor Bloomberg dictates, NYC is no longer the Big Apple, it's the Shriveled Prune. Dumbasses.

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