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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dumbass Burglar Calls 911 on Himself in the Middle of His Crime!

This is a West Coast Dumbass
Is it just me or do criminals seem to be getting even more stoopid? I mena, some of these guys are so fucking stoopid they'd have to go to school for a few years just to be a dumbass. Wait! I think I answered my own question! These dumbasses are products of our public school system! I'm not gonna rag on public schools, that's a topic for another day, but I don't have too many nice things to say about many of them. But, I digress.

Public school product and dumbass Timothy Chapek really wernt beyond the call of ordinary dumbassery recently when he broke into a house in Oregon. While Tim was in the middle of his burglary, the owner of the house returned home to find Tim the Dumbass on the phone.  On the phone with the police! You can't make this shit up. Following is the story from the NY Daily News: "An Oregon burglar didn't wait to be caught by the cops after breaking into a house -- he called them himself.

The intruder, 24-year-old Timothy Chapek, dialed 911 after the homeowner discovered him lurking in her bathroom.

"I just broke into a house and the owner came home," Chapek told the 911 operator, in a call obtained by The Smoking Gun. "I think they have guns."

"You broke into a house?" asked the confused operator.

"Why are you in my house taking a shower?" homeowner Hilary McKenzie can be heard asking in the background. "Who are you?"

"My name is Timothy Chapek," Chapek told her sheepishly.

"I broke in...I already called them," he added, when McKenzie threatened to call the police. "They're on the phone right now."

McKenzie then called 911 herself to report the intruder, telling the operator that Chapek was hiding in the bathroom."

What. A. Dumbass. The gene pool on the West Coast gets shallower by the minute. Timmy Boy needs to be fixed so, under NO circunstances whatsoever, should he be allowed to pro-create! EVER! Sever his gazebos from his body, put them on a small chain and tell him that it's latest in Dumbass Necklaces.

It is my opinion that we have dumbasses like Tim in our society because of Liberalism and all the attendant fallacies and feel good crap that go with it. I had a scathing condemnation of the dumbasses on the West Coast ( I'm looking at YOU, Liberals!), but I decided to hold off on it for another day. Maybe we could just spay and neuter Liberals and the rest of us can go on about our business. Dumbasses.

***hat tip to my bro Mark in Texas!***

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