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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pendejo (Dumbass) Insults His Heritage

My wife, Heather, is a big YouTube watcher. She watches some stuff that makes you wanna go "what the fuck?" But some of it is actually pretty funny, other stuff she watches is of dumbass quality.. Today I will show you a video that falls into the "dumbass quality" category.
You may wonder why I find this particular video to be "of dumbass quality". Let me splain. First of all, it ain't any part of funny. Second of all, it's just fucking stoopid. Cheech Marin this pendejo ain't. I have stated many times on my blogs that I will make fun of anybody at any time, except for my Mother. Everybody else is fair game -white folks, black folks, Meskins, Arabs, (insert ethnic group here). Another thing about this video that chaps my ass is that the dumbass in it is insulting all Latinos that happen to live in the barrio, or "ghetto". I have or have had at one point in my life hundreds of friends of the Meskin or Central American persuasion. They are wonderful, hard working, family-oriented, God-fearing people. I love them and they have always made me feel like I am a part of their family, for which I am eternally grateful. I have great respect and admiration for them and their native culture. I am also thankful to them for Tequila. Tequila is the nectar of Heaven. But, I digress.

Did I mention that I have been speaking Spanish for over forty years? I could live in any Spanish-speaking country in the world and not miss a beat. I'm not bragging here, I am just stating facts that show my connection to Latino culture and language. Sabe? Back to the dumbass in the video. The "ghetto tamal" ("tamal" is the singular of "tamales". Don't let anybody tell you different) He is nothing but a wannabe YouTube star and all he is accomplishing is making himself and other Latinos look like a bunch of ghetto dwelling idiots. Maybe I am over reacting, but I find this video insulting and demeaning to my Meskin and Central American amigos. If this dumbass wants a real tamal, I can refer him to some people in Irving, Texas or East Dallas that take pride in their abilities to make authentic Meskin comida. So, dumbass, take your "ghetto tamal" and shove it up your fundio, pinche cabron. Otherwise, have a nice day. Dumbass.

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