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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dumbasses Make Their Mothers Proud

When I posted this on December 31, I was a mad Son of a Truck Driver. I was so mad, upon further review, I am still pissed off. But, I digress.

Read the post and you'll see hwy I was so furious. Not your normal pissed off where you get a little agitated about something and after a few minutes things return to normal. I am talking PISSED OFF!

Let me splain.

Heather, the girls and I went to the supermarket to pick up a few things. We got what we needed and went back to the car to split the scene. While we were loading the kids and groceries into the car, a lady using a cane as an aid to walk asked at least two men for help because her car wouldn't start. This lady was about 50 years old and, come to find out she was with her Mother who was 75 if she was a day. The car turned out to be the little old lady's. But , I digress. Neither of the men the lady with the cane asked for help hurriedly said, "Sorry, I can't help you." One of these dumbasses was driving a truck the size of New Jersey and I had a sneaky suspicion that he probably had some jumper cables somewhere inside that behemoth of a pick up. The other dumbass just kept going like nobody had even spoken to him. Fuckers.

Anyway, when the lady with the cane got turned down by the dumbass in the big truck, a look of semi-panic crossed her face. I said , "Ma'am. Let me load my kids up and I'll be glad to help". You'd would have thought that the nice lady had won the lottery the smile on her face was so big and the obvious sense of relief that somebody would help her and her Mother get their car started. I hooked up the jumper cables to both cars and BINGO!, their car started. Before they left, the older lady came over and gave me a bear hug. Well, as much a bear hug as a little old lady five foot-nothin' tall could give someone. You know, that was the best hug I'd had all day.

Now for the two dumbasses and all the dipshits like them, KISS MY ASS! Your Mothers would be ashamed that a son of theirs that would just dismiss an elderly lady's plea for help as just an inconvenience or what ever in God's name you were thinking. The next little old lady that needs a jump start may be your Mother or maybe your wife, God forbid. You'd just better hope that a better man than either of you two dumbasses is there to help them out. Come to think of it, your wife wouldn't be too proud to have married an asshole like you if she knew the way you treated the two ladies at the supermarket who needed help. Have a lousy fucking day you dickweeds. Your Mothers must be so proud. Dumbasses.


  1. Hey bro, I saw her there. What you dont know is that I was in a huge rush. I had to pick my gf up frmo her job and cook dinner before i headed off to practice that night. So what if some dumb bitch is stuipd and leaves her lights on, she can wait until someone that has nothing better to do like yourself comes along, or she can call a cab. Cabs carry jumpers you know. Anyway, whatever hero. Can you cram more ads in your sidebar?


  2. FUCK dude take down my fucking name

  3. Thank you for your most insightful comment. I can tell you make your Mother proud, too. Hero? bwahahaha1 To those old ladies maybe because dipshits like you (I know you weren't there but you're still a dipshit) and the two dumbfucks that refused to help the ladies out speak volumes about yourselves, and probably your mothers, too.

    As far as the ad go... I can cram a few more in the sidebar. Thanks for the reminder. Today id my day to update ads.

    Loser dumbass.

  4. One more thing...the name stays. bwahahahahahahaha

  5. ....Too damn funny, way to go Toby, keep up the good fight bro. and lulz at mike


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