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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mother Nature Beats Down "Climate Change" Dumbasses

One of my favorite subjects to write about is (the lack of) Man Made Global Warming. no offense to my friends that honestly worship at the House of Algore, but the theory of AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) is built on more bullshit than a mushroom farm. Here's just one article by Michael Crichton debunking AGW with scientific facts and common sense. I'll wait here while you read it. Back? Good stuff, huh?

It tickles the hell out of me when nature slaps the cultists of Global Warming...excuse me. The new catch phrase is "Climate Change". Anyway, I just love when the Climate Change cultists have some grandiose meeting to figure out new and better ways to spread their steaming pile of Climate Change. How many of those gatherings have been touted as the Most Important Conference in the History of the World and the Mother Nature steps in and says, "Not so fast piss ants." She then proceeds to show them her anger by blasting the gathering with a foot of snow or record cold temperatures? This has happened several times. You can Google it if you wanna. Well, it's happened again. bwahahahaha

In the Australian state of Victoria, the so called leaders of the state were all eat up with the dumbass belief in Climate Change and they had an idea that would save the folks of Victoria from certain death. Victoria had been in the midst of a severe drought for a few years and to the dumbasses in the state government, it was a sign that Climate Change had hit Australia and it was never going to end. So, plans for a desalination plant to convert sea water into fresh water were drawn up to save Victorians from the clutches of tragedy. here's a snippet from I Hate the Media "Melbourne Water then followed the siren call of Al Gore and decided that what the Australian state of Victoria really needed was a $5.7 billion desalination plant instead of $1.4 billion dam. A dam, by the way, that would have provided three times the water of the desal plant at one-third of the cost." But guess what? Along came Mother Nature with a clue by four. SMACK! Right between the eyes! More from I Hate the Media, The last two years in Victoria have seen record rainfall and flooding! Climate Change! "Melbourne’s The Age newspaper follows up:

AUSTRALIA’s biggest desalination plant, at Wonthaggi, is six to 12 months behind schedule, with cost over-runs and big financial penalties now threatening to deny the builder a return on the multibillion-dollar project…

Electrical Trades Union Victorian secretary Dean Mighell said that under the desal work schedule, 500 electricians should have been on site by last August… He agreed that heavy rain was the key cause of delays." But the drought was going to leave Victoria with no fresh water! And millions would die! Or not. Good old Ma Nature set 'em straight. bwahahahahahahaha!

These dipshits are just the latest in a long line of fear-mongering Liberals who have been exposed as a bunch of Kool Aid drinkers from the juice bar of Climate Change. On top of that, the residents of Victoria are stuck with an un-needed desal plant and billions of their tax dollars wasted by a bunch of Chicken Littles who wouldn't know real science if it bit the in their dumb asses.

By the way, Climate Change has turned Arizona into a tropical paradise. Now about that ocean front property I own near Phoenix...


hat tip to I Hate the Media

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