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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The little d, A Once Great City Is Full of Dumbasses

A soaring crime rate, an unemployment rate higher than many of its residents' IQs, corrupt dumbasses running the place and maybe the highest dumbass to normal people ratio in the country. Other than that, Detroit is a regular paradise. I am not here to make fun of the hard working, respectable populace of the city (as few as that may be), I am here to belittle and amuse myself at the expense of the many dumbasses who populate The little d. You know the people I'm talking about. The ones that elect corrupt bastards to public office time after time after time and expect the sons of bitches to do something that actually benefits the voters who elected them. Recent examples include Marcia Conyers, a convicted felon and the mayor Kwame Whateverthefuckhisnameis, who was convicted of accepting bribes (I think). The guy looked more like a pimp than a respectable elected official. I could go on, but, out of compassion, I'll stop there. My point is that other than the pro athletes, the guys on TV who run that big ass pawn shop and are getting richer by the day with the money of the felon-electing dumbasses, and the above-mentioned respectable citizens, Detroit is a fucking hell hole.

Another way that Detroit shows that is a loser of a town is the continued support so many of its residents give to the Dumbass in Chief in DC, despite the fact that his policies are crippling their city. Take for instance Sam Bazzi. Sam owns some gas stations in The little d that used to have nice names like Texaco, Exxon or Shell. But Sam is one of the dumbasses that make Detroit what it is...Haiti North. Sam re-named his gas stations "Obama". I shit you not. Here's part of the story from UPI, Two years on, amid a decline in the economy, Bazzi said he doesn't think Obama's name and face on his business has any negative impact.

1) His customers tend to agree, saying they don't blame the president for rising gas prices.

2) "No, I can't do that," customer Famous Ellis said. "He's doing everything he can to help us out."

3) Another customer said there are better ways to combat rising gas prices than just assigning blame.

4)"More than anything, we need to get those electric cars out here," Monte Harris said. "With that, we don't need to worry about gas that much."

I don't need to point out the obvious dumbassery in those quotes. that would be beating a dead horse. On the other hand, maybe I do. In the order of the comments, here are my rebuttals:

1) Funny that these same dumbass dickweeds blamed George W. Bush every time gas went up a penny. Obama has blocked drilling in places that could get us off our dependence on foreign oil in fairly short order. But it's not Obama's fault, you see. These people are dumbasses.

2) He's doing everything he can to help you? What the hell are these dumbfucks smoking? Obama has put this country $14 trillion dollars in debt. That asshole ain't helping you, idiot, he's squishing your city like a fucking cockroach. Does the government/union take over of GM and Chrysler ring a bell? fucking moron.

3) Again, you blamed Bush, why not blame Obama? Oh, that's right, he's black. It would be raaaaacist to blame him for anything, no matter the evidence that says otherwise looking you right in your dumbass face.

4) Get electric cars out there and we wouldn't need that much gas? If that were possible right now, I'd agree, but it ain't happening for a while. I have three words that will blast this dumbass comment out of the water. "Drill, baby, drill." Now shut up, dipshit. You are a waste of skin.

Sam (remember him?) ain't gonna change the names of his gas stations, even if Obama loses the 2012 election. Sam, I have some news for you. You won't have to worry about changing the name of your stations if Odumbass wins re-election. They'll be closed down shortly after the election! The unemployed of Detroit won't be getting jobs anytime soon and the Dumbass in Chief ain't gonna deviate from his Socialist agenda either. Simply put, you Detroiters are getting fucked by the very man you praise. Open your damned eyes! Dumbasses.

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