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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Touching Tale of a McDumbass

Is it just me or is McDonalds in the news an awful lot lately? Almost every day while I am searching for some Dumbass News, I come across some story about some dumbass either suing McD's or some dumbass whose order wasn't to their liking so they go ballistic in the restaurant itself. Today's dumbass is a member of the latter group, someone who goes bat shit crazy because their order wasn't made to their satisfaction.

Elaine Emter of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is now serving 18 months probation and doing 40 hours of community service after she was found guilty of causing a disturbance and resisting arrest for an incident that took place at, you guessed it(!), McDonalds! Elaine was also found guilty of being a dumbass. After reading the article about this, I'm not so sure the employees at McDonalds shouldn't be labeled as dumbasses too.

Here's the deal: Elaine went through the Drive Thru at McDonalds and ordered a hot fudge sundae. After taking a look at the sundae, Elaine the Drive Thru Dumbass decided that there wasn't enough hot fudge on it and she demanded satisfaction. The McDonalds employee at the Drive Thru demanded a receipt. Unfortunately for Elaine, she misplaced her receipt. The McD's employee told Elaine, no receipt, no more hot fudge. Elaine was not pleased, so she got pissed off and created a scene. The cops were called and when they arrived, Elaine got in their faces and was screaming at them. Elaine, this is a bad thing to do and it removes all doubt that you are a dumbass. It's at this point, however, that I have a problem with the faithful McDonalds employee. As long as Elaine brought back a hot fudge sundae that resembled a recently served hot fudge sundae, why not just give her another squirt or two of hot fudge to make her happy? Now we have two dumbasses in this story. Elaine and the dumb fuck McDonalds employee for being an asshole.

There is more to our little tale. According to the prosecutor in this case, "said Emter tried to drive away, but was stopped and informed she was being charged with causing a disturbance. However, the woman refused to get out of her car and one of the officers had to place her in a choke hold so she could be handcuffed. Marr said Emter then bit one of the officers and they twice used a stun gun on her head to subdue her." Elaine, Elaine, Elaine. I was on your side up to this point, but you blew it with the choke hold thing, the biting a cop thing and the stun gun deal. Elaine, you are a major league dumbass and you're lucky all you got was probation out of this episode. You could have ended up as a "friend" to a chick named Spike while doing time at your local provincial prison.

This whole thing makes me wonder what the hell Elaine would have done if her messed up order included a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese? Dumbass.


  1. You can't blame anything on the McDonald's employee here. As a former employee of the golden arches, at least in the stores I worked in, you can't give out any extras for most things (hot fudge included) without charging for it, or you will get in trouble. I'm not gonna get suspended or even fired over the customer not paying for some hot fudge...

  2. You are exactly right and I should have thought of that. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I had a Long John Silver employee not want to give me replacement chicken because I didn't have a recipt. The chicken was raw in the middle and I was holding it in my hand. Fortunately his manager wasn't a complete dumbass and told him (with a look of annoyance at the employee) to give me more chicken.....sad, sad, world.

    1. Raw chicken? Holy shit!

      If you had eaten that shit, you would have a lawsuit to end all lawsuits! Provided of course that you lived thru it. ")


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