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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dumbass Leaves "Business Card" at Crime Scene

Over the course of the lifetime of this blog, we've had at least a couple of stories featuring dumbasses with tattoos have had run ins with the law. One dumbass thought he had won a radio station contest and had the station's logo tattooed on his forehead. About a week ago we had another dumbass who committed a murder then had the facts of the killing tattooed all over his body! Today's dumbass has taken a similar path to the Dumbass Zone.

Our Dumbass of the Day and one of his dipshit criminal cohorts broke into a couple's home and in the process of the burglary, got into a struggle with the homeowner. The dumbass lost his t-shirt in the altercation and he and the dipshit got into their getaway car and split the scene. Enter the Police. Once at the crime scene, the cops found the t-shirt belonging to the dumbass and showed it to the homeowner. Printed on the shirt was...Wait. For. It....a picture of the dumbass! He robbed the home in a shirt with his own photo on it! bwahahahahaha! This guy has lowered the standard for dumbassery to a new low. What a fucking maroon! That's as stoopid as a lion tamer covered in raw T-bones. Ay ay ay! The dumbass turned himself in to Police a couple of days later.

This incident sets a terrible example for future dumbasses who feel a life of crime is their calling. Young dumbasses, don't be discouraged because one of your role models is a dumbass who practically left a business card at the scene of his misdeed. He's now well on the way to becoming a top notch member of the State Prison Drop the Soap Team. And to think, in just a few years, or a felony or two, that could be you! Now go out there and become a role model to the young generation looking up to you! But don't commit a crime in a shirt with your own photo plastered on it.


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