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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

That's How I Make My Money

Herb Superb
Today's story is about a Dumbass Drug Dealer, or DDD. Cody, the DDD, lives in McDonough, Georgia and ekes out a living by selling pot. Well, he used to, now he makes a living avoiding big, burly, horny men in jail. Not long ago the Henry County Sheriff's Office got a phone call about a couple of suspicious men out in the woods. The fuzz responded to the call and sure enough there was Cody the DDD and a friend of his along with a 4 wheeler. the cop approached Cody the DDD and his buddy asked them "what the hell are you dumbfucks doing?" Cody the DDD replied by saying that they were working on the 4 wheeler. The cop noticed a strong odor of marijuana and became even more suspicious when he saw a handgun. The cop then asked Cody the DDD " if he had been smoking the substance and the suspect "answered, 'Yes.'"
"The handgun turned out to be a BB gun ... . He threw something in the woods," Militello said. He said he found a plastic bag with suspected marijuana inside on Kinney's person and asked him what the substance was.

It's at this point that Cody crosses the line between regular dumbassery into "Holy shit! What a dumbass!" land. Remember, the cop just asked Cody what was in the baggie and (You can't make this shit up), "He replied, 'That's how I make my money,'"

That bit of witty repartee earned Cody the DDD a corner cell at the Henry County Hilton. Though I have never been arrested for possession of marijuana, I can say with certainty that telling the local constabulary that you make your living selling pot is not the way to get to go home to sleep in your own comfy bed. But, that's just me. Instead, Cody the Holy Shit! What a Dumbass! will be enjoying the cozy confines of the State of Georgia Prison System. And Leon "Hung Like a Horse" Williams will be enjoying Cody's ass. Holy shit! What a dumbass! :)

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