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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Facebook Love Story...Or Not.

The Bane of Civilization?
Facebook. You've got Facebook. I've got Facebook. All God's children got Facebook. Or so it seems. For me Facebook has been a valuable tool in my "online life". Through Facebook, I have connected with friends that I hadn't heard from in thirty-five years. I have also used Facebook to promote all my blogs, including this one, with amazing results. I'm sure there are tens of millions of other people around the world who have had similar experiences with the social network. This is not the case with everyone, however.

Take this dumbass couple from Brooksville, Florida. Please! They were evidently having some domestic issues when the lady changed her relationship status on facebook and the guy went ape shit.To make matters worse, she had the unmitigated gall to "unfriend" him. As you and I know this is not a good sign of domestic tranquility. Especially for dumbasses. However, this is where hilarity ensues.

The chick started throwing things at the dude, who retaliated by throwing stuff back at her and then punching her in the head. God knows what would have happened if she turned down his request to play Farmville. We could be talking murder one here. Long story, short. The cops came heard both sides of the story and then hauled both these dumbasses of to jail on charges of domestic violence. That's a helluva price to pay for being "unfriended" on Facebook.

Upon arrival at the County Jail, one of the arresting officers was overheard to say, "Facebook 'em, Danno"  :)  Dumbasses.

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