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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let's Take Fake Arrest Photos in an Unlocked Police Van!

Many of us have had too much to drink at one time or another and have done some stupid shit, especially when we were young. However, even in my drunkest moment, I have never done anything as stupid as crawling into the back of a paddy wagon. Never. The same can't be said for a a pair of dumbasses in Pennsylvania.

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
The two dumbasses were at a party when lo and behold, they spot a Police Van nearby. Being typical drunk young men (and by that I mean stoopid fuckers) they see an opportunity to pull a dumbass drunk young stoopid fuck stunt. Looking to impress their party buddies, the two dumbasses crawl into the back of the paddy wagon so they could take some photos that made it look like they were being arrested! What could possibly go wrong?  They locked themselves in the van! That's what could possibly go wrong. I may be the odd man out here but the back of a Police Van is the last place I want to be. So these two dumbasses just sat around in the van smoking cigs and spitting all over the place. When discovered by Police, the lawman was less than amused. He was so less than amused that he arrested the duo of dumbasses and charged them with attempted theft of a motor vehicle, being drunk in public (no shit?) and criminal mischief.

The moral of the story is don't drink like Mel Gibson and jack with a Police Van, spitting all over said van is a no no and for Gawd's sake quit smoking!


UPDATE: Thanks to my wife Heather for the use of her computer while mine lay destroyed by Bailey the 4 Year Old.

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