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Friday, July 22, 2011

Mom is Buried Where?

Now where is Mom again?
What's up with all the dead people stories lately, Toby? Let me splain.

How would you like it if one of your loved ones died and was buried in what was supposed to be his/her final resting place only to find out later, twenty years later, that someone else was interred in that spot? Personally I'd find the Head Guy In Charge of Burying Dead People at the cemetery, chew his ass up one side and down the other, show him the error in his ways, then contact the most notorious ambulance-chasin' lawyer with the worst TV commercial on the air and sue the shit outta the cemetery. But that's just me.

And two sisters in Queens, NY. The above-mentioned situation actually happened to these poor women. They had been paying homage to their long-dead mother when they found out she was buried in the wrong place, not the plot they had bought years earlier. Now the women (sisters) are real pissed off . How PO'ed? Po'ed to the tune of $25 million. That's  pretty damned mad. Who can blame them? Fucking up your Mom's grave site location can be a very traumatic experience for the bereaved. Come to think of it, it ain't no walk in the park for the Head Guy In Charge of Burying People at the graveyard either. He could be out $25 million. Put that in your urn and smoke it.


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