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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

21Year Old Woman Dies in Crash, State Sends Parents a Bill for Guardrail Damage!

WARNING! This post contains language that may not be suitable for work and certainly IS NOT suitable for children. You have been WARNED!

In Remembrance***
This story could only happen in a Commie place like Maryland. Or New York. Or California. Or Illinois (specifically Chicago). I'm glad I came across this story because it gives me a chance to piss off a bunch of pansy Liberals. I don't like pansy Liberals. At all. They are a bunch of big government, intellectually bankrupt, holier than thou pussies. Let me spalin.

This past May 29 a terrible car accident killed 21 year old Sarah Marie Stebbins of Columbia, Maryland. needless to say her parents were crushed at the news of their young, vibrant daughter dieing so young and so unexpectedly. Life ain't supposed to go like that. Parents are supposed to die first, not their children.

It has been less than three months since this tragic event and Sarah's parents are still grief-stricken about it. I cannot and do not ever want to know what the Stebbinses are going through. I can only offer them prayers and hope that they mourning will go away soon, as if it ever will. God bless them. To prove much they care, the Commie State of Maryland sent the Stebbinses a letter concerning the crash that took their daughter's life. At first glance, you'd think, "Well, how nice. A letter of sympathy from the State." But hold on thar, Babba Louie! This wasn't exactly a letter of condolences. It was more like a bill for the damages to the guardrail that Sarah hit when she died! Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me.? To add insult to injury, the State of Maryland threw in a complimentary copy of the accident report for free! Mad yet? Sit down or prepare to go ape shit crazy, there's one last little tidbit that pus the cherry on top of the shit flavored ice cream that is the Commie State of Maryland. The state gubmint also sent with the bill and the accident letter of deliquency! Here's a quote from the Commie State of Maryland's letter to the Stebbinses, "Invoices are considered delinquent if not paid within 30 days of the invoice date. Delinquent invoices may be reported to credit reporting bureaus. Invoices referred to the Maryland Central Collection Unit will be charged an additional collection fee of 17 percent on unpaid balances as per Maryland law." I am so furious I could spit sparks right now. I am gonna take a quick break from typing this bullshit, then I'll be back to belittle, berate and otherwise blast the Commie State of Maryland. Gimme a minute.

OK, I am back.

Where to begin? First, I have never been to Maryland. I understand it's a great place with a a lot of good people. Unfortunately, none of those good people, it seems, work for the Commie State Gubmint. Second, fuck you, Commie State of Maryland Gubmint, especially the Godless bastard who is responsible for sending out this letter to the Stebbinses! I'd rather crawl over a mile of razor blades then swim through a lake of rubbing alcohol infested with hungry crocodiles than to ever spend one fucking penny in that hell hole of a place called Maryland. And for good measure, fuck you dumbasses again! have you cock suckers no decency? A 21 year old woman is DEAD and her parents are grieving over her tragic death and you butt fucking pussies want to bill them for a fucking guardrail??!! And threaten to ruin their credit? And charge them interest? You Communist assholes have not only crossed the line of decorum and common sense, you have obliterated it. For the love of God, oh people are Godless Commies, so let me try a new approach...fuck you and the crab you rode in on!

I was going to go into the politics of Maryland, but they have already proven to the world that they are a bunch of low life shit stains with their actions directed to the Stebbinses. Rest assured, Commie State of Maryland, that I will do everything in my power to keep decent people from all over the world to never visit, drive through, take a vacation, attend an Orioles or Ravens game or otherwise breathe the foul air that smothers your taxed out the ass, crime riddled, punk ass, tiny hell hole again. Your Commie State has over taken California (the State, not the people, except Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer) as the place that God would give this country an enema. Assholes.

In conclusion, I'd like to ask you, Commie State of Maryland, have said "fuck you" lately? OK. Fuck you!


**This is NOT an image of the dead girl in this story***

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