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Monday, August 8, 2011

Bank Robber Puts Photo on Facebook; What Could Go Wrong?

Not for Bank Robbers
Social networks are now major players in the fight for eyeballs (readers) on the Internet, Facebook being the Top Dawg. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide use Facebook daily to communicate with family, friends and businesses. Out of the hundreds of millions of Facebook accounts simple mathematics suggest that there are bound to be a few dumbasses with an FB page. Case in point...if you are at work right now, look around at your co-workers. Pick out the Office Dumbass. He/she has a Facebook account, guaranteed. He/she is probably a member of the Saving Belly Button Lint as a Second Income and/or Bowling to Save the Endangered Snail Darter and Block a $200,000,000 Construction Project groups. But even the beloved Office Dumbass has nothing on 21 year old Jasmyne Dunlap of Fort Worth, Texas. Let me splain.

It seems that Jasmyne has been making withdrawals from Fort Worth area banks on a regular basis. deal is, she doesn't have an account at ANY of them. The constabulary of Tarrant County  along with the FBI are not pleased with Jasmyne's behavior. She has already robbed at least three banks in FW and its suburbs and, you got it(!), a Facebook account! Lawmen searched Facebook and found Jasmyne's profile and the lovely self-photo of her posted on it...wearing some of the clothes she wore to rob one of the banks! Fucking brilliant! the Police also found some clothes that Jasmyne ditch after one robbery and the DNA on the outfit matched hers. Jasmyne has been charged with one count of bank robbery with more charges soon to follow, I'm sure. Long story short, Jasmyne had better catch up on all the "Women in Prison" movies she can find. I am fairly certain it will make her stay in Texas Department of Corrections (Lesbo Unit) much more, shall we say "enjoyable". Besides, Jas should have used My Space, nobody ever reads it anymore.  :)

It's easy to call Jasmyne Dunlap a fucking moron, but for now we'll just call her a...


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