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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dumbass News: Week in Review

We had another great week in Dumbass News with some stories that other bloggers are too stoopid, or too smart, to post. Along with my pithy commentary and liberal use of vulgar language, we gave the internet an enema flushing out all the shit that was worth a damn. For example:

  • On Monday we had a touching love story of a pervert and his one true love - a plastic swimming raft.
  • Tuesday bought us one of the weirdest stories that we've ever published on Dumbass News. And it took place just down the road in South Berwick, Maine.
  • We also had the tale of a guy who stole some live lobsters and stuffed them in his pants! No word yet on whether this dumbass still has his gazebos.
  • I've been sick most of the week so I also reached out to the Wayback Time Machine to grab a couple of my personal favorites from last year. we learned of one Italian town's plans to rid the area of hookers by, get this, cutting down the forest! Another good one invlolves a guy who was lost on an island for five days before finding out he could have used his cell phone to call for help.
Rest assured that next week will bring us more dumbass stories as only a true Dumbass like me can present to the world. Until then...adios!


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