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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ridding Italy of Hookers by Cutting Down Forests!

Hey, Big Boy, Wanna See My Forest?
I have the flu or something and writing a new post today would make it even worse than normal (if that's possible), so here's a post I ran on October 17, 2010. It's pretty good stuff. Enjoy!

 I have never equated hookers and the forest. Having said that, I have visited the forest thousands of times, hookers, not so much. Italy, as I have seen on TV, is a beautiful place with traditions thousands of years years old. My wife's family came to America from Sicily. That's one reason I don't aggravate my wife, I never know when I'll wake up to a horse head in my bed, so I stay on the straight and narrow. I am not a dumbass.  :)

The Italian town of Abruzzo has a problem with sex for sale. As far as I can tell from this story, hookers hang out in the woods in Abruzzo and "sell their wares". The regional government of Abruzzo came up with a brilliant solution to this age old problem - cut down the forest! Abso-damn-lutely brilliant! Brilliant for a bunch of dumbasses. Let's apply this story to the US. What will happen to the unlicensed hookers in Nevada? Will the Nevada state government grow trees in the desert to rid it of prostitutes? Or will they take the hookers to the woods in Nevada then cut sown the forest to rid it of prostitutes? Or maybe the city of Las Vegas will choose to implode all the hotels in the city, then haul the hookers out to the woods, then cut down the forest to rid it of whores! How could anybody argue with such logic? Another question pops up here. Will the hookers get unemployment insurance? And will the whores in the Obama administration count these as jobs saved or created? Or will the whores in Nevada get jobs in the White House? The possibilities are endless.

At least the hookers in Italy and Vegas screw only one guy at a time, while Obama and his cadre of dumbasses screw the whole damn country.



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