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Monday, September 19, 2011

Stinking to High Heaven

I'm still not feeling so hot, so here's an oldie but goodie for you. 

Essence of Dumbass
It frosts me real good when one person who objects to something that a vast majority of people do and the the one who objects wants to curtail the activities of the masses by claiming discrimination or some bullshit like that. It goes on all the time in this country and I sick and damned tired of it.

Today's dumbass is a perfect example of one asshole trying to curtail the actions of a shitload of other people. In Indiana, some dumbass broad is trying to get perfumes and colognes banned from the high school campus because her wittle baby boy is allergic to the scents, which makes no sense. I feel for the kid with allergies as I suffer from allergies to many things. For example, I am very allergic to dumbasses like this kid's mother. Let's say that this high school has 1000 students and half of them wear cologne or perfume to school on any given day. The Allergy Kid says that he suffers varying degrees of reactions to the scents of the perfumes and colognes. To top it all off, Momma the dumbass says that because her kid is allergic to all the shit in the air around him and subjected to those smells on a daily basis, the school is in violation of (Wait. For. It.) the Americans with  Disabilities Act! Are you fucking serious? Hey, Lady Dumbass, did you ever stop to think that maybe your kid, allergies and all, is infringing on the rights of all the other students to wear cologne and perfume? Hell no!!!

Hey, Dumbass! I have a suggestion that will avoid all the unpleasant side effects of all those aromas in the high school. TEACH THE FUCKER AT HOME!!! I am sure that some of your pussy Liberal friends have already sued for a school for kids for like yours. Dumbasses like you are in constant Victim Mode and I, for one, am fed up with that shit. You professional victims won't be happy until everyone else is hamstrung by your victim mentality. Let me tell you something, dumbass. I am eat up with arthritis and fibromyalgia from my neck to my ankles and I would never infringe on the rights of others because of my condition. If I don't like the way things are done at one place, I'll find another place that is more suited to my circumstance. I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees and I, and millions more like me, ain't gonna take this "I'm a victim" shit anymore. And if you've raised your kid to be a pussy victim like you, then I feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for him because he's been brought up by somebody like you. I pray that he'll be the one member of your family that is not a blight on the gene pool and will realize before it's too late, that he is doomed to a life failure because of what you have taught the poor young man.

I guess I could have saved myself a few hundred words of brilliant commentary by typing a simple words that succinctly summarize how I feel. Fuck you, dumbass.You are breathing my air. Have a nice day.



  1. How about they eliminate gym, and sports activities because of schweddy ball syndrome which is also a new Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor. I'd like to fart in his general direction.

  2. This is a pro-farting blog. Feel free to do so. Check out this link from a story I did some time ago.

  3. Loved that post! I have been known as a malodorous methane factory myself so if I go to Malawi Interpol will designate me as the first sewercide bomber.


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