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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Okies Steal Money Raining from the Sky

He Made a Wrong Turn at Little Rock
Let's say that you were taking a leisurely drive, listening to some Merle Haggard on major Interstate Highway like, for instance, I-40 near Oklahoma City. Why anyone would want to be near OKC baffles me, but on one recent day even OKC was a great place to be, despite the large number of Okies and dumbasses (but I repeat myself) that live there. I mean even the saddest Merle Haggard song can't help you forget that you are in Okla-fucking-homa City, although "The Bottle Let Me Down" is a good one to start with. Jack Daniels is optional. As Joe Bob Briggs, World Famous Drive-In Movie Critic and Redneck Spiritual Guru used to say, "let's get to the nitty".

The Nitty: There were a bunch of Okies and poor lost souls who made a wrong turn in Little Rock driving down I-40 when all of the sudden there was money flying all over the place! Real US Legal Tender for cryin' out loud. Now, even Okies and lost souls who made a wrong turn in Little Rock have an affinity for the good old American Greenback, so they did like any bunch of dumbasses would do if there was cheese (money) raining from the sky. They slammed on the car brakes right in the middle of a major Interstate Highway and jumped out to help Police and Firefighters gather the lost loot to return the cash to the rightful owner. And by helping first responders I mean stealing the money like a hooker snortin' blow at Charlie Sheen's house. What happened was that somehow a bag of money (police estimate about $30 Large) was ejected from a car traveling I-40 and a clusterfuck of Okies and lost souls who made a wrong turn in Little Rock proceeded to do their civic duty and become felons by scooping up as much of the errant money as possible. You really can't blame the Okies and lost souls who made a wrong turn in Little Rock for doing what they did, because the economy sucks. And they are Okies. Not to rag on Okies, but they are kinda like the Lost Tribe of Israel. They ain't quite Texans and they ain't quite Kansans, kinda stranded in No Man"s Land. These people weren't delivered to the Promised Land by Moses, they were dumped in Okla-fucking-homa by Jim Bob Jumpback. Enough said.

I almost fell over backwards, which since I quit drinking would be quite a feat, when I read a quote from one of the EMS Guys at the scene of the whole Episode of the Flying Cash. These words are a direct quote that the EMS Guy made in the UPI article where I found this story. Sit down if you are prone to fall over when you laugh like a sound track to a 60s sitcom. The money quote: "It just kills me to think that somebody lost this thing. What if somebody was taking this to a hospital to pay for their surgery?" EMS Guy said. I did not make that up. Not to cast judgement on my fellow man but this guy is a true Okie. He also needs a little surgery done as well. A little snip snip to his gazebo sack. Voila! No more little Okies from this Einstein. Unless of course he was, at one time, one of the lost souls who made a wrong turn in Little Rock and ended up in the void that is OKC.



  1. Dem Okies was jus like Moses and the Isrealites goin out and pickin up the manna from heaven the good Lord left them every day. That's why it says "In God we trust" on it.


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