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Sunday, October 9, 2011

There's No Joy in Dumbassville , But There is Pot!

Still My Team After All These Years
There is no joy in Dumbassville today. The Mighty Longhorns have struck out. The University of Texas at Norman (Oklahoma Univ.) bat the horse shit out of my guys, The Texas Longhorns, yesterday,m 55-17. That sucks a big one, but the Horns will be back a much better and more experienced team next year. Keep an eye on the Sooners, though. They are one helluva football team seemingly bound for the National Championship Game on January 9. But, life goes on despite the injustices of the Football Gods and the dickweed Sooners.
Gawd, I hate fucking Oklahoma.  Dumbasses.

So now I'll do what I always do when life deals me lemons. I read about dumbasses! Join me as we tour the World of Dumbassery as it reveals itself to be the Land of Future Jerry Springer Guests!
  • Pot From Stolen Truck...- A little trip to California (where else?) gives us this story of how a stolen truck loaded with marijuana wrecks and passersby, ever so civic-minded, help the Police out by stealing the pot thrown from the truck when it overturned. Ya gotta love the Land of Fruits and Nuts.
  • How to Lose $425,000 Worth of Pot! - One of our All-Time most read pot stories, this is a lesson in how to lose almost a half million dollars worth of weed and sign your own death Warrant at the same time!
  • A Guy Named Gus and His Ducks and Pot - What's not to like about a guy named Gus? And ducks. And pot. I'm just sayin'.
That's your lineup for this fine NFL and Longhorns Heartbreak Sunday. With these stories, perhaps there is some joy in Dumbassville after all.

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