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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

California Assemblywoman Does Christmas Shoplifting Early This Year!

The Party of Jackasses Dumbasses
Sometimes I take for granted the fact that dumbasses come from all socio-economic backgrounds. What I mean is that all dumbasses are not homelessdrunks or poor trailer park trash. Those groups and groups like them just seem to get the most press coverage. Why is that so? I have my ideasn why, but that's another topic for another day.  However! Today Dumbass News features someone who is not a homeless drunk nor a piece of trailer trash. She's just a fucking idiot. And a State Assemblywoman in California! Here's the deal:

The Deal

California State Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, a Democrat, was recently at a San Francisco Neiman-Marcus store doing her Christmas shoplifting a little early this year. Yes, friends and dumbasses, Hayashi, a Democrat, went about her "shopping" at the upscale retailer accruing along the way $2500 worth of goodies. Are you kidding me? $2500 worth of shit in one store on a State Assemblywoman's salary? Mary must be very thrifty with her earnings serving the pussies, homos and assorted other dumbasses in the Bay Area. That or she might be using campaign funds to quench her shopping thirst. But here's where Mary's shopping trip goes asunder. Or as we say back in Texas, "You ain't gonna believe this shit!". It turns out that assemblywoman Hayashi did not use her campaign funds to make her purchase. She also did not did not use apart of her salary as a Public Servant to buy the goods. As a matter of fact, Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, a Democrat, did not use any money at all! She stole the $2500 worth of merchandise from Neiman's! She rounded up the booty in the store, walked past several cashiers and made her merry way outside. Store security caught up with Hayashi, she was arrested and released on $15,000 bail.

This part is rich. Sam Singer, a Hayashi spokesdick, said,  "The incident in San Francisco was a mistake and a misunderstanding," Singer said. "The assemblywoman strongly believes in the justice system and is hopeful that this matter will be cleared up soon." Oh, it'll be cleared up all right. Hopefully cleared up all the way to the state penitentiary. But then again I know people who go shopping and "forget" to pay all the time. It's just an honest mistake right? Stoopid bitch. Just when you thought the story was weird enough, it gets weirder. Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi of California (did I mention that she's a Democrat?) is married to a Bay Area Judge! bwahahahahahahaha!!!

I don't think this will amount to much because a) we're talking California here, b) she's married to a Judge and c) she's a Democrat. See "a)". This incident will just grease the skids to her re-election. See "a)" again and look up "Clinton, Bill - impeachment". The clueless residents of the Bay Area deserve everything they get by electing assholes like Mary Hayashi, a Democrat. I mean, hell, they just elected Governor Moonbeam again! Where's the geological event that will sever California from the Lower 48 when you need it?


Hat tip: JammieWearingFool. Jammie is a several-times-a-day stop for me as I peruse the ole intertubes. Pay him a visit and check his blog out for yourself. Just click the link in his name. And tell him that Toby (FishFearMe - Moron)) at Dumbass News sent you.


  1. You know I could cut her some slack if it was a scarf or a pair of gloves, but how do you forget to pay for 2,500. worth of goods? It would be like test driving a new car, taking it home and telling the cops oops I forgot to pay for it.

  2. Exactly, Beef! Put the bitch in jail. I have been to Neiman Marcus in Dallas and let me tell you, the guys who work security there ain't what you'd call a bunch of Homer Simpsons. They're ex-cops, Marines, etc. I'm sure they saw her "forget" to pay as she went straight to her car, passing several cashiers along the way. What a fuckwit.


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