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Monday, November 7, 2011

Legal Public Nekkididity in San Francissy!

Biff, Lance & "Friends"
Holy Toledo! Today's story is one of that after you've read it, you ask yourself "What the hell?". In state of shock and utter disbelief, you read it again. Then it hits you. These dumbasses ain't kiddin'! Let me splain.

The Splaination

Let me recap the story, then I'll blast away with both keyboards in showing what a bunch of dumbasses and Godless homos (no offense to God-loving homos) run the city of, what else, San Francisco! Now it all comes into focus.

The City Fathers of San Francissy have approved an ordinance that will allow the nekkidists and homos to galavant all around one of the most beautiful cities in the world without a stitch of clothing on their Godless dumbass and homo bodies! Nekkid! El nude-o! In the raw! For all the world to see! First off, let me state that I have nothing against Godless dumbasses and homos. They can use cucumbers, spatulas and gerbils any way they choose as long as it is between two, or twenty, consenting adults and behind closed doors or in a homo disco. Hell, I have had Godless dumbass and homo friends before. Maybe even some Godless homo friends.

Where was I? Oh, yeah...the S.F. Board of Supervisors approve this "Git Nekkid" bill where people can go nekkid as a jay bird in public! I am about to ruin your appetite for the day, so brace yourself for some actual Godless dumbass and homo nekkidness. WARNING: What you are to see actually took place in San Francisco. It is sexually graphic and definitely NSFW and it damn sure ain't safe for kids! You have been warned! A well-known blogger and photo essayist named Zombie works "under cover" in the Bay Area and filed this post of a homo event called the Folsom Street Fair. Lemme warn you one more time before you click on the link, this material is extremely graphic and of a sexual nature. Courtesy of the Folsom Street Fair. Is that some sick shit or what? If you can stomach looking at a lot of those photos, you'll see cops just standing around while all this perversion goes on right in front of them! And the SF Board of Godless Dumbasses and Homos wants to let any Biff or Lance run around nekkid all over the city? What could possibly go wrong? We are doomed, fellow dumbasses.

There is a bit, nay (!), a truckload of irony in this story. I swear in the name of All That is Holy, I. Am. Not. Making. This. Up. This particular nekkid ordinance was introduced by Board member, Wiener! bwahahahahaha!!! Is that a swift kick in the gazebos or what? By introducing this bill, we know that Wiener is a Godless dumbass, I wonder if he's a homo, too? Just askin'. I'm just glad that they don't have a guy named Schitz on the Board of Supervisors.

What can I fucking say? (sigh)


And homos.


  1. Public nudity is legal, but being aroused is not. I got a ticket because my pecker was doing 90 degrees in a 45 degree zone.


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