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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

USF Star Wars Statues - 10 Grand; Students - Goose Egg

Economically, this country is in pretty rough shape. Officially the unemployment rate is about 9%. If you count the people who have given up on finding a job, the rate is about 16%. That ain't good. What's worse is that our elected dumbasses continue to spend like a stripper on a three day meth binge. Some of you may consider that statement as a comparison between the US Congress and meth addled "exotic dancers". You are entirely correct and I'd like to apologize to all speed freak strippers across this great land of ours. My point is that in such troubling financial times, we should all be extremely careful how we spend our hard earned money. This goes exponentially for Congress. We didn't get to be $14 trillion (that's a 1000  billion times fourteen, folks), by pinching pennies but that's another story for another day.
The Dumbass Chancellor
It appears that the regional Chancellor of the University of South Flo rida Polytechnic, from here on referred to as USF Tech, didn't get the memo. This is an educated, presumably in public schools, man who has more than one taco missing from the ole Taco Bell Shitload of Tacos meal. This dumbass took $10,000 dollars from the school's general funds and spent it Wars statues to be erected on campus! And a statue of E.T. And a replica of the chair that Captain Kirk sat in on Star Trek. I think that this dumbass was Lost in Space (I made a funny) at some point in his life and has never returned to Earth. Or reality. Why would a college Chancellor spend ten large i such a frivolous manor? Besides being a dumbass without a clue, he wanted to "encourage inspiration beyond conventional thought for business students". That's a quote straight from the UPI story I got the idea for this post from. I think this particular meth head guy has been buying some bad shit from the local strippers. It's not like there is some impoverished young person could use ten grand for an education or something.

Florida Lawmakers Pissed
Long story short, a couple of Republican state lawmakers are pissed and Chancellor Chewbaca is is deep doo doo. As it should be. BTW, no Democrat state rep came forward to condemn this blatant misuse of university funds. They were evidently hoping the Chancellor had a couple thousand extra laying around to build a statue of themselves. Or at least build a dog park named after the elected dumbass where the stench would remind USF Tech students of the smell of a liberal asshole. Hopefully the Chancellor will visit the dog park and step in a steaming pile of liberalism.


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