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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Coffee and Lap Dances - Jugs & Java

Coffee? What Coffee?
The Crud ® that my wife was so gracious to pass on to me is kicking my ass. It hurts me just to use the keyboard, but I can't leave you dumbasses to look this kind of stuff up on your own. Especially dumbassery like you are about to re-read. Married men who search for this kind of "entertainment" on the internet could end up as non-married men looking up this kind of "entertainment" on the internet. I can't be held responsible for that. But I can recommend a good divorce attorney. I'm just sayin'
From September 9, 2011:

This country has gone to hell in a hand basket. The economy sucks, unemployment is over 9% and now the cops of Edmonds, Washington are busting baristas for flashing their boobs at customers. This is an outrage! It is every American woman's God-given right to show her hammers to anyone at any time she wants to. It's gotta be in the Constitution somewhere. Maybe the commerce clause? I have been a fan of knockers for a long time, so this hits me especially hard. I drink coffee on occasion, but I look at tatas every day of my life and have done so for over 50 years. I am not giving up leering at boobs for anybody or any reason!

Here's the deal: The women in question work for a Starbuck's-like place called Java Jugs in Edmonds. Irony anyone? Anyway, these broads have been serving more than double latte chocolate mocha espresso supreme with extra sugar and cream. Some customers buy "coffee" for as much as $20. In return they get a lap dance and a good look at some titties. For some odd reason the Police in Edmonds fail to see the benefits of such a "sale". Did I mention that Java Jugs has a stripper pole inside the shop? Yup. A stripper pole. What good is a stripper pole going unused, just standing there waiting, nay, pleading, for some skank to git nekkid and reveal her assets to paying customers? None, I say!

Think about it. You stop at Dunkin Donuts and pay $5 for a cup of coffee and drive away with nothing but a $5 cup of coffee. Guys who stop at java Jugs come away with much more than just a lousy cup of coffee, they drive away with, er, um, inspiration. And memories of a well-formed set of sweater puppies. And the cops get all in a huff about it. Where's there sense of live and let live? What do the Police have against boobies? I mean hell.

The Boob Squad of the Edmonds PD found out about this little enterprise and promptly sent over an undercover guy who witnessed what was going on for himself. He even got a lapdance or two or ten (one can never be too hasty when evaluating such a delicate case). After much evidence gathering, the cops wrote out a lot of citations to the sluts ladies working at Java Jugs and the owner of the erstwhile strip joint said that she would be nice and follow the laws as written. No more bare breasts at Java Jugs. sad, isn't it?

By the way, the police will be keeping an eye peeled for more flashing of the racks at JJ"s. The lawmen also vow to keep doing "undercover" work to keep Java Jugs in compliance. I'll bet. <snort>


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