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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Midget Bullfighting and Negroes For Supper

Toro! ***
Oh boy! One of my favorite, and one of the most popular, subjects on this blog is midgets. I have absolutely nothing at all against midgets. Hell, I am only 5'4" myself. That ain't exactly Andre the Giant territory. It's just that so many people, many of them midgets themselves, get so fucking bent when a midget goes against what they (the bent people) think is "proper" behavior for a "little person". A shitload of midgets get pissed off as well.

A Little Bull 

The latest thing to put a knot in the panties of a bunch of sissy do-gooders is Midget Bullfighting. You got it. Little People doing the cucaracha with bulls. Baby bulls of course. And this pisses off so many pussies why? Why is it that midgets have to all be exactly the same following the same rules or living the same lifestyle? I don't get it. The Little People doing the bullfighting surely know what they are getting into. Or are they, as the Pissed Off Pussies seem to insinuate, too stoopid to make their own decisions? I go with the Bullfighting Midgets on this one. They are playing the hand that they've been dealt and making some cheese (that's money for those of you in New Jersey) also. Do these same protesters think less of Meskins or Spaniards for bullfighting? Or are they expected to bend tacos and make sangria simply because of some pre-conceived idea of what Meskins and Spaniards are "expected" to do? I can't remember his name, but did you know that the richest man in the world is a Meskin? I guess he bent a shit load of tacos to get there. Oh, did I mention that dwarf bullfighting is very popular in Mexico? I wonder if the Rich Meskin Guy has a stake in it?


This is what all these Liberals and Pissed Off Pussies do. They complain and bitch and moan that white guys, particularly Southern White Guys, placed people in categories because of their skin color, ethnicity or some other stoopid shit. Some do. But the vast majority of these rednecks would be happy to have a midget over for dinner. Why hell, they'd even let the midget sit at the grown up table. You'd be surprised to learn that 99% of these same "bigots" would actually have supper with Negroes! Yes, Negroes! Of course the Negroes would have to sit at the back of the dining room, but at least they eat fairly close to the Southern White Guys. What more do you expect from raaaaacists and bigots? BTW, raaaaacist always has five "a"s in it.

My point is that while all the Pissed Off Pussies and Liberals, but I repeat myself, are supposedly the people who think that all men are equal, but they are the ones constantly grouping people by race, religion, midgetry, etc. I say fuck the Pissed Off Pussies and their ilk. They are a bunch of hypocritical assholes who need to get laid. Or summarily shot at sun up. I am only kidding. They don't need to get laid. They might reproduce and we can't have that. Just shoot 'em.

Or make 'em have a Negro over for supper. NO! Not as the main course! As a guest, dickweed!

The Pissed Off Pussies and other Liberal Asswipes should be looking up to midget bullfighters. But then they'd (the POP) would have to be bigger men to do it. And the only bull they know is the bullshit they are so full of.


Hat tip to The Dumbass Wife

***Photo from Getty via HuffPo***


  1. If we need the gubnint to protect all these classes of people from us rich white folks they will never grow up and be independent. That's worse than being a midget.

  2. When they outlaw midget bullfighting, only outlaws will have midgets! Or something like that.


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