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Friday, March 16, 2012

Strippers Help LA Little League Baseball! Almost

Batter Up!
What in the name of all that is Holy are they teaching the kids in Los Angeles? I am speaking specifically about the boys and girls who play Little League Baseball in LA. I was shocked and dismayed at what I recently learn about our National Pasttime and the way it is administrated in the City of Angels.


The Los Angeles Little League is hard up for cash. The league was in need of money to save its season. Therefore, it seems to me, that sizeable donations would be welcome. Oooooooohhhhh noooooo, not in Tinseltown! Not long ago a group of benevolent young ladies made a $1200 donation to the LALL (LA Little League) and it was accepted. BUT! The President of LALL returned the money to them when he found out they were strippers at Jet Strip Club! I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this. The nice young ladies made the donation as a gift and didn't ask that any of the teams in LA Little League wear "Jet Strip Club" on their jerseys or anything. I wonder what the name of a team sponsored by Jet would be? The Boobs? The Nipples? The 38s? Just askin'.

Community Outreach 

Jet has long, as they put it, "given back to the community" <snicker> I'll bet. But seriously folks...I am certain that the "exotic dancers" at Jet have given plenty back to the community. Things like lapdances and STDs. Hahahahaha I just made that part up. On the real side, Jet has made considerable donations to area schools by giving money for school supplies and stuff. These aren't your ordinary slutty ass strippers we're talking about here. They are community-minded slutty ass strippers. Just because a chick shows off her yahbos to horny bastards who could never land a woman like a slutty ass stripper, doesn't mean that their money is somehow coated with poison or it came from the Mafia.

I think the La Little League President Roberto Aguirre screwed the pooch on this one. The league needed money in the worst way. The gals at Jet sent over a check for $1200. There's some much needed cash flow for the kids. Take it and callate, Roberto. I don't how this story got out nor do I care. Roberto and the other dumbasses at LALL could have accepted the check and used the money for the kids in the league and shut the fuck up. The whole thing could have been done anonymously. no harm. No foul. Instead some loose-lipped asswipe had to run to the press with the story and now the kids are out over a thousand dollars.

Strippers Are Moms Too 

As long as it's legal, I don't give a shit what anybody does for a living. Stripping is legal. In a former life I frequented "gentlemens' clubs" on a fairly regular basis. I wasn't searching for some fantasy lover or any other bullshit. I know now and I knew then how the game is played. I just liked going to strip clubs.(I haven't been to a jiggle joint in over 10 years, so don't get your underwear all in a wad). I found during my time at these places that many of the young ladies who work there are single mothers with little or no education or hopes of getting a "regular" job. But many them were also going to college to better their lives and stripping was a way to make money (LOTS of money) to pay the bills. And so many of them were single mothers, as you would expect. When you have kids, sometimes you have to do things you would not ordinarily do in order to feed and clothe them. Were there crack whore skanks who danced in the clubs I went to so many years ago? Hell yes.

My point here is not to defend the virtues of taking your clothes off for strangers, but to point out that many of these chicks are just doing what they gotta do, for whatever reason. They are doing nothing illegal by stripping and, again, a shitload of them are college students paying their way through school. Others, on the other hand, are drug addicted losers who'd fuck a horse for their next hit of heroin. I ain't talking about them here.

I have been friends with dancers before and the young ladies I befriended were just like you and me - regular people. No, I never met them away from their jobs or ask for anything (not even a lapdance). When I went to the clubs, it was like two friends meeting over coffee at Joe's Coffee Shop in Irving, Texas, except we met over boobs and beer. I must confess, however, I once bought a stripper a puppy. Why? Because she wanted one. And she was my friend.


The Prez of La Little League should have just taken the money from the strippers and shut up. Did it ever occur to this Holier than Thou douchebag that maybe one of the dancers had a kid that played in the LALL? Hell no.

Roberto Aguirre, you should go to Jet Strip Club sometime. You might find someone who has a big heart and a willingness to give the kids in the LA Little League a hand. And some much needed money.

Besides, you could probably use a cold beer.

And a lapdance.


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