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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nekkididity, Dead Guy Dots the "I" and Mice-a-Roni!

Best of Dumbass News!

'Tis the Sabbath and it's gonna be a busy one here at the Dumbass Dome. Believe it or not, I am gonna do some gardening, indoors of course. For new readers, I live in Maine therefore November is not the best time to grow shit. Being the mule headed sumbitch I am, I like to try to do shit under adverse conditions just to see if I can make it work. I will make it work. Hence, gardening in November in Maine. I will prolly plant some cool weather stuff like lettuce. I would try to grow some warm weather crops, but my wife is a native Mainer and likes the house kept colder than a well digger's ass in January. Adios good stuff like tomatoes and peppers until spring time. Asi es la vida.

Here is some stuff that doesn't require heat, but it is loaded with fertilizer bullshit.
  • College Golf Team Poses for Nekkid Calendar - These dumbasses posed nekkid for the calendar, but they hid their gazebos with golf clubs. It's funny stuff, so it's worth the read just to see how many golfing metaphors I can use in lieu of cuss words.
  • Dead Guy Dots the Eye - This is a rather timely story, it being football season and all. This is the tale of a dead guy that pays his last respects to the Ohio State University by dotting the "i". Read it to see what I mean.
  • Mice-a-Roni! - Thank God this story wasn't about Hamburger Helper. 
That's a pretty good lineup for perusal during beer commercials for the NFL games being broadcast today, especially the "Dead Guy "I" dotter.

Here's something that I should do every day, but I am a Dumbass and for whatever reason(s),  just forget to do it. In the side bar to the right you'll find several buttons where you can follow me on several social media sites. Please do so! Don't forget that I am a 55 year old guy who has 9 and 4 year old daughters who need something new, like shoes, clothes and all that shit, every 10 minutes. seems like every 10 minutes. And Christmas isn't that far away. Having said that, also in right sidebar you'll see a "Donate" button. I know times are tough for so many dumbasses worried about their own families, but if you can donate a dollar or two (any amount is welcome), it would make a Middle Aged Dumbass very happy and grateful. I guess I could use the direct approach to this donation thing as well. Hit the fucking tip jar, Dumbass!  :)

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