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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dumbass Week in Review - How I Survived a Coup d' Blog!

The Dumbass Horde Battle Flag - Never Surrender!
This was one weird ass week at Dumbass News. Things just seemed about a half a second out of sync with real time. Was it only me who felt that way? 

Other than being one step short of a Texas Two Step, this week was indeed quite different from your "normal" week at Dumbass News. bwahahahahahahahahahaha! I just made a funny! I used the words "normal"  and Dumbass News in the same sentence! har har har! And it's now stuck in the ether forever! GUFFAW!!!

Sorry, I lost my mind just for a moment. 

That's normal for me. 


The week started off innocently enough with a simple, heartfelt Happy Mothers Day from me, Fearless Leader of the Dumbass Horde. Then was the story of some Dumbass down in Texas trying to
rob a Police Station! The stoopid fuck is lucky that once the cops stopped laughing at him that they didn't have an "accidental" shooting in which he was the shoot-ee, or as the Cops in Texas called guys like this, "Target Practice".

Then was a Grammy-deserving performance by a guy busted for DUI. His stage was the back seat of a Police Cruiser! Dumbass News has video.


See what I mean? Nothing out of the ordinary...until I posted THIS Guest Post from a Canuckistani code named "Drive Thru Guy". DTG is a new blogger, about a month and a half into his blogging career and he has already garnered quite a following, so I thought that it would be nice and neighborly to steal some of his readers invite him to do a Guest Post on Dumbass News. The young man is a good writer and I was hoping to, as was done for me by some veteran bloggers when I first started writing about Dumbasses, steer some of you to his blog, lifeinthedrivethru. This was a popular post. Very popular.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks!

Drive Thru Guy had sent his minions to my blog, Dumbass News, in order to overthrow me, the Fearless Leader of the Dumbass Horde! Treason! Sedition, I tell you! The situation was so dire that I almost declared Blogging Martial Law. It wasn't a pretty sight.

So, I wrote down my thoughts on being the victim of a coup d' blog. It was the most chilling moment of my blogging "career".

But DTG is Canadian, which is close to being Fwench, so the only weapon he brought to a Blog Fight was a white surrender flag.


But seriously, folks....It was a great pleasure (and worth a few extra page views, hahahahahaha) to have Drive Thru Guy share his view of the Dumbasses he sees every day while simply doing his job manning the drive thru window at a fast food joint in Eastern Canadia. I'm tellin' you that hungry Dumbasses are mother fuckers. Just ask DTG.

Anyway, thanks to Drive Thru Guy and his readers, some of whom who actually came back for more Dumbass News after reading his Guest Post, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that his customers, like mine, are nothing more than a blithering, slobbering, knuckle dragging horde of people I am happy to Fearlessly Lead.


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