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Monday, May 7, 2012

Plum Stoopid Survey About Moms - I Am Not Happy Hate Moms
We are less than a week away from the most important secular holiday of the year - Mother's Day. While millions of Americans will be making spaecial plans for Mom her on special day, Mom just may have other ideas. At least according to a survey done by a company in that well-known bastion of Motherhood, San Francisco. <----That is some serious sarcasm there. Anyway, some dumbass firm in the Land of Fruits and Nuts conducted a survey of over 19,000 mothers across the country. The results may surprise you.


Plum District, a company that "provides locally relevant offers for targeted mothers", whatever the fuck that means, polled 19,256 of it 1 million members nationwide in order to determine what Moms woul;d really like for Mother's Day.

Not so surpising is that two-thirds of the Moms surveyed said that they would prefer to not pick out their own gift for Mother's Day. A little over half, 54%, said that they would like to spend some time with their own Moms. One would expect these types of numbers.

But things get weird from here.

Oh, Really?

The Dumbasses at also say that the results of this survey show that 8 in 10, that's 80% (!), of the Mothers queried would rather sleep in than to have a sunrise breakfast with their kids! I have a problem with this finding. While there's absolutely no doubt that being a Mom is the most demanding job in the world and Moms certainly could use the extra shut eye on Mother's Day, or any day for that matter, I have a great deal of difficulty believing that the average American Mom would rather sleep in than to have a memorable moment such as a Mother's Day breakfast with the very lives they have deliverd into the world. In other words, I call bullshit. I mean. think about it. Can you name one Mom that you know who'd put an extra hour or two of sleep ahead of spending time with her children on Mother's Day of all days? I didn't think so.

Oh, this gets better, Dumbasses.

If the Einsteins at are to be believed, fully one-third of their respondentes to this steaming pile of donkey shit survey secretly want  the day to themselves! I'll keep that crap in mind when I don't call my Mom this Sunday and at a later date tell her that I just knew that she wanted the day to herself. She would be thrilled that I was so unselfish. After she kicked my ass. Twice.

Who are the bitches that participated in this nonesense? Are they, you know, actual Moms? Let's just say that I am skeptical. No, let's don't say that. Let's say that I have never in my 55 years of life, read such a load of Liberal Pussy Anti-Mother Commie Caca.

What. The. Hell?

I am seriously at a loss here. The people at claim to have a million members in their organization, 99.9% women one would assume, and this is what they come up with? The only thing I can think of is that whoever answered the questions to this survey are either selfish cunts who don't deserve to be Mothers or crossdressers from San Fran that have the kind of plumbing that prevents them from having babies - femine qualities aside.

Maybe the pollsters at somehow, against adds of at least 7 bazillion-to-1, contacted the 19,256 females that humanity has to offer who are the least worthy of the Sacrament of Motherhood and wouldn't know a diaper from a maxi pad.


It's time for me to end this post. I am simply dumbfounded that ANY Mother in the United States would put herself ahead of her children, especially on the one day a year where kids actually realize that their Mom, along with tens of millions of other Moms from sea to shining sea, are the glue that holds families, and taken a step further, society, together.

Any female parent that wants to be as self-centered and petty on Mother's Day as they are portrayed in this "survey", there are 364 other days throughout the year (365 in a Leap Year) to do so. Pick one of 'em.

Leave us to celebrate Mother's Day with Honest-to-God Mothers not women like you who have been, as your Negro Commie-in-Chief says, "punished with a baby".

Fuck you.


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