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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Boinking in NY & You Ask, I Answer

I have been working my ass off. No, Dumbass, not on the blog, but in real life. OK, I'll fess up...I did not work my ass off. I just worked till it got loose, then I stopped. Give an Old Dumbass a break, will ya?

No, I did not get a real job. I have a job. My job is to keep you Dumbasses in line and informed. That alone keeps me busy enough. It's a tough gig being a Fearless Leader. I basically volunteer my Fearless Leadership skills, over abundance of writing ability and my exquisite timing as regards to comedy. And truth. Comedy is truth.

The keyword in the previous paragraph is "volunteer". That means I do this shit for free. You are probably asking yourself, "What do you mean by "free", Fearless Leader?" What I mean by "free" is there's a "Donate" button in the right sidebar that is virtually unused. I hate it when that happens. If you've got the cheese ("cheese" means "money" for those of you Vancouver, BC. I'm looking at you, Kyle Mercer!) Look, I am not asking you to make a donation, but the button is there for your use at any time you feel the urge to do something stoopid. I'm just sayin'.

However, there is a FREE way you can enrichen (?) the Fearless Leader Has Small Children Who Cost a Shit Load of Money to Raise Fund! You can "volunteer" (see what I did there?) your lick click button. You know, use it as a tool to help needy Fearless Leaders throughout the blogosphere. BTW, when I say FREE, I mean FREE. See those fancy ads in the sidebar? Those are what makes money for bloggers. All you gotta do, and it's FREE, is to click on one of them. You are in no way obligated to buy anything nor will you be spammed with useless bullshit (unless you sign up for a newsletter, etc). Disclaimer: I get about a penny per click from these ads. Many clicks = many pennies = much needed income for Your Fearless Leader! Just a reminder that it's FREE!!!
Fearless Leader Wants an Outfit Like This One

I am not telling you this stuff to be condescending or anything like that. It's just that I have been asked by several people how I make money off this blog. I don't! Why? The short answer is no ad clicks = no money for Fearless Leader. The qualifier to that answer is that many people simply aren't sure what to do to help a blogger make a little cash flow. Ad clicks and PayPal donations are the two potential revenue streams for me and millions of other Dumbasses who are deranged enough to think that they can make a steady income on a blog. Some do. Millions don't.

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is that I was asked a question. The response to that query is brilliantly constructed, as always, in the paragraphs above.

You wanna donate through PayPal? Please do. It's safe, secure and very easy. Clicking ads on the blog is FREE!

If you think all the shit I just laid out for you is a big, steaming pile, that's cool, too. Don't donate or click. No offense taken.

I write this daily load because I love doing it and if somebody reads it and maybe even gets a giggle from it, then I know that they are truly sick bastards. I say that with nothing but Dumbass Love in my little pea pickin' heart.

Today's Best of Dumbass News 

Dumbass News is about bringin' teh funnay, so click the following link for some serious back seat boinking live from New York! Boinking.

It's FREE!!!

Cheap fuckers.  Dumbasses.

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