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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dumbass Email from "Interpol"; You're in Big Trouble!

We have talked before how cool the internet is and all the spiffy things you can do on it - shopping, paying bills, watching pron, etc...As good as all that stuff is, there are an equal number of bad things about the 3 Dub (that stands for "www."; a nickname us blogging sensations use when communicating with each other) Scams, phishing, ID theft, etc. For example...

My wife got this email last night. It sounds very ominous and basically implicates her in a very serious crime. I will print it n its entirity below then dismantle it point by point.

The Very Serious Email

  • Good Day.

    This is the internet fraud unit of the Interpol police, we are mandated by the British High Commission and the FBI to combat internet fraud and our monitoring device picked up several signal transaction on your server and since then we have been monitoring all your internet transaction and we have just discovered that you have been into series of transaction and we have been on the trail ever since.

    From our investigation you have been into a transaction worth of millions of dollars which you have spent money on, and we discovered from our investigation that you have been dealing with the wrong people. A compensation of six hundred and fifty thousand united state dollars ($650,000.00) has been allocated to all Americans, Arabians,Europeans,canadians and Asian citizen who have been scammed and harassed on the internet. We are also been backed up by the UNITED NATIONS. We have been investigating emails been directed to selected individuals.

    We want to clear your doubts; you are to continue your transaction with Robert Nicholas of the compensation payment department immediately.Please you are to notify us when you receive this email.

    You are not to disclose this information to a third party as we are on the trail to get all perpetrators of cyber crime.

    Thank you for your understanding


    Bryan Anderson

    Head Internet Fraud Unit.
Sounds ominous, huh?
I would think that such letters are intended for older people who are not so internet savvy or maybe even a little off kilter upstairs.Sadly, there those who fall for this shit every day of the week. That's almost understandable. But consider also the fact that perfectly functioning, mentally stable, smart, grown people get involved in scams like this all the time. These are the dumbasses to whom I am referring in this post.

Pay Attention!   

Let's play a Dumbass Game right now. Let us say that you received this email and were so scared that you soiled your drawers thinking that you could be in some serious shit.Fear not! Fearless Leader s here to cast aside your worries and fears! Ya Dumbass. And I say that with love in my heart.

For your sanity, not to mention your bank account, let us dismantle this fraudulent communique step by step, shall we?

The Dismantling

This will be easy.
  • The greeting of the email, "Good Day". I may be in the minority here but if you are involved in a serious crime, I highly doubt the first words of the letter would be 'good day". "Hey, you rotten thieving sonuvabitch" or "Mr. Smith" maybe, but there's no way in hell that an email of this nature begins with a sunny phrase such as "good day".
  • Interpol is indeed an international police force kind of thing. However, I don't think that they are stoopid enough to inform a criminal suspect of their (Interpol's) activities during a major fraud investigation. Don't you Dumbasses ever watch James Bond movies? Geez.
  • The bullshit about the British High Command: the BHC has no jurisdiction whatsoever in the United States.If I'm not mistaken, neither does Interpol..I believe Interpol is an investigative type agency. It's headquartered in Fwance, so take it for what it's worth. That's not to say that Interpol is worthless, but I am skeptical of it nonetheless.
  • Some of the grammatical; mistakes alone send up a red flag the size of an 18 wheeler right away. Notice "canadians" and "several signal transaction" and other stuff that leads me to believe that some guy in Nigeria is the author of this crap. The do a lot of internet scamming in Nigeria.
  • The Dumbass who wrote this also says that his group is backed by the United Nations! Oh, my God! Run for the hills! Not the UN! I say, fuck the UN! Sideays. With a rusty BBQ grill brush. The UN is as useful as tits on a boar hog.
  • Notify the writer upon receipt of the email. Yeah, I'll get right on that. This deal stinks more and more by the word.
  • Don't tell anybody, you are instructed. That all by its own self says, "I am gonna rip you off so bad and so fast, you won't know what hit you, fucking idiot."
  • "Thank you for your understandin". If you understood you wouldn't be Dumbass enough to fall for this fraud!
  • The closing is a real beauty. "Faithfully"? Really? The only thing this asshole is faithful to is rippuing off and ripping you off bad. 
There's more, but I think you get the idea.

That's my Public Service Announcement for this week, so please remember that the British High Command and Interpol have absolutely no jurisdiction in the United States.If the High Sheriffs (FBI, Treasury al) think you are involved in some high tech, high-level, international fraud scheme, and have sufficient evidence, you won get an email about it, they will be knocking down your door like a Mack Truck hit it with several US Army tanks at their disposal. And they won't be real nice when they slap the bracelets on you.

This post was almost serious. Do not make me go through this again.Got it?



  1. ive recieved the sa,e exact email just the other day, of course i didnt fall for it. but it said the same exact thing your wifes email did..

    1. Thanks for the input, Anon. You are apparently way too smart to be reading this blog, but stick around long enough and you'll be as stoopid as the rest of us.


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