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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Florida Woman Sues 8 Year Old Girl!

It seems like every time you turn on the Boob Tube, not to be confused with YouTube, where I have this Dumbass News Exclusive dramatic video on some nasty weather we had this past Sunday, you see a commercial for some ambulance chasin' attorney. I never realized how many lawyers there are until I started watching TV again.

There are lawyers that handle cases involving mesothelioma, asbestos, Paxil and a shitload of other stuff that is harmful to Mankind.But not harmful to their bank account. Today's story isn't really about a lawyer,. so much as it is about some dumbass broad who has decided to clog up the Justice system with a frivolous suit against one of her neighbors. The just happens to be an eight year old girl!

Let me splain.

The Plaintiff

The bimbo doing the suing is an ugly white woman named Brittany Glaid. Ms. Glaid, known as the Woman Who Throws Common Sense and Courtesy Out the Window, got a scratch on her broom car when it was parked on the side of the road. The blemish was provided byu an eight year old little girl , Jennfer Lilly. Little Jen was riding her bike when rounded a curve in the road and accidently scraped the handlebars of her bike on the driver side door of Brittany Glaid's car - which by the way was parked partially on the sidewalk.

The damage will cost $200 to repair.

Courtesy of the Huff&Puff&BlowYourHouseDownPost comes this excerpt from their article, "I went and I told the neighbors," Jennifer explained to WSVN. But the neighbors in turn called the police, who reportedly faulted Jennifer alone for the damage.
Father Alan Lilly said he offered to pay half, because he felt both Jennifer and Glaid were equally responsible for the damage. But Glaid wanted 80 percent from the Lillys, and shortly filed a lawsuit against Alan -- earning her the dubious inclusion in the 'Loser's Corner' at local watchblog Random Pixels.

The HuffPo piece continues, "I don't think it's right to say I'm suing an 8-year-old," protested Glaid, 26. "It's not right to say. I'm not. I'm suing the father of the 8-year-old for the damages done by his 8-year-old."

Oh really?

I am not an attorney nor do I play one on TV, but it appears to me that Brittany is playing with words here. She's bringing litigation against the little girl.

Did I mention that G(et)laid was parked illegally when her car was struck by the girl on the bike? She was.

What's even more stoopid about this whole episode is the fact that children as young as six years old can be sued in Florida! For what? Calling someone a "poopyhead"?

The Sunshine State has been lost to the Yankees - again.

My Verdict

While Jennifer and her Dad may be found liable for the damage on the pole dancer's car, it is clearly Brittany Glaid who is the guilty party here. Guilty of being a Dumbass in the1st Degree. What a dildo swallowing idiot.

Jennifer did the right thing in going to the owner of the car and fessin' up to scratching it. As the Father of two little girls, one of them about Jen's age, I hope that my child would be so responsible and honest.Instead of appreciating this fact and the fact that Mr. Lilly readily offered to pay for half the damage, Brittany Glaid, (who was illegally parked!) throws a temper tantrum and drags this deal into court over about $40. (If Dad paid the 80% this bitch wants) Lilly and his daughter could have said nothing and let the dipshit pay the entire $200 herself.

Because she's such a despicable Daughter of a Motherless Gooat, I have put the West Texas Permian Basin Mojo Voodoo Hex on Brtittany Glai.

She deserves it.



  1. Put that bitch on ice! Or take her ice, whichever hurts more!

  2. Thanks for coming by, Hoss! Bitch needs to star in a movie like those late night Skinemax "Lesbians in Prison" deals as a broom handle tester.
    Love you, bro. Give my love to your Mom. :)


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